[haiku] Re: WiFi woes

  • From: Pete Goodeve <pete.goodeve@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 18 Aug 2013 19:00:59 -0700

Thanks for the responses, folks.  I've spent all day fiddling around,
hoping I might find out more before I replied.  I guess I did [see later]
but I don't think I'm any less confused...! (:-/)

On Sun, Aug 18, 2013 at 09:32:43AM +0200, Fredrik Holmqvist wrote:
> I think it is the iprowifi4965 driver. I've taken a look at it before
> but not managed to find out why. We do however disable MSI in that
> one, perhaps it is ready to use nowadays.

Something is happening differently between my own access-point and
my neighbour's (again. see below) but I don't see any settings that
might affect it in the router's configuration screens.
> > Is anybody currently working on networking?  It needs a lot
> > of love! (:-/)
> I do from time to time, I think korli and other does too. I'm stuck on
> UEFI booting atm, but after that it is ACPI and networking.

I'm of course willing to help in any debugging.  I know little about
network protocols, except the basic stuff -- and what I can glean
from Wikipedia -- but I can run tests and provide feedback.

> There was a bug for this kind of problems[1] but please open a new one
> specific for your card. Without bugs it won't get any attention as
> others may not see the problem.
> 1) http://dev.haiku-os.org/ticket/9078
OK -- as soon as I figure out a good description!


On Sun, Aug 18, 2013 at 09:36:05AM +0200, Humdinger wrote:
> I see similar issues and have opened a (maybe too general) ticket for 
> that a while back: "Wifi flakey, wpa_supplicant sometimes crashing 
> (#9694)" [1].
> In my experience, as soon as I change stuff in the Networking 
> preferences or try to connect via NetworkStatus in the Deskbar, things 
> get messed up.
Yep.  I see pretty much the same.

> What works for me:
> * Make sure there's no file "/boot/common/settings/network/interfaces".
> * Delete the ~/config/settings/system/keystore folder if it exists from 
> previous experiments.
I don't see this one.  Is it for a password manager?
> * Put "ifconfig [path-to-device] join [SSID] [password]" into the 
> UserBootscript.
> * Reboot.
I followed those steps, but I'm afraid it doesn't work any better. 


On Sun, Aug 18, 2013 at 09:06:47PM +0200, Adrien Destugues wrote:
> I never got SSIDs or passwords with spaces to work. Other special 
> characters (quotes, ...) may have the same problem. Try to make it as 
> simple as possible.

Interesting.  My neigbour's SSID is "Delia Papa's Network" [don't think
I'm revealing anything there... (:-)] and that didn't seem to give any
trouble.  However, I had a space and a quote in mine too, so I removed
them, but it made no difference. (Neither password has anything but
letters and numerals.)
> My strategy is:
>  - Make sure the interface is up
>  - Pick your network (once), and wait for the password dialog
>  - Enter the password and wait for the configuration to finish (sometimes 
> it doesn't, so wait until you are bored)
>  - Reboot the computer
> Settings should be saved and the connexion will be established (and 
> working) after the reboot. It's not perfectly stable, but it works well 
> enough.
Hmm.  That was pretty much my sequence as well, aside from rebooting.
I don't see anything saved across a reboot; I always have to start from
scratch.  (Except /boot/common/settings/network/interfaces, which I've
been trying not to create.)  Where are things like DHCP vs Static saved,


Anyway, as I said, I investigated more, and I realize that, though the
net link is down, my neigbour's access point is still powered up.  And
I can *still* connect to that most of the time (and ping her gateway  But trying to get to my own router with the same procedure
always fails.  Ubuntu OTOH connects smoothly to either.

My router, being the usual LAN, has an address pool,
but that shouldn't be significant, should it?

What I *do* see is that with my router the link seems to get stuck with
a "local-link address" (, which doesn't happen with hers.
Here are the relevant ifconfigs:

        Hardware type: Ethernet, Address: 00:15:00:78:88:db
        Network: Delia Papa's Network, Address: 78:ca:39:47:1f:95, WPA2, 
        inet addr:, Bcast:, Mask:
        MTU: 1500, Metric: 0, up broadcast link auto-configured
        Receive: 9 packets, 0 errors, 1196 bytes, 0 mcasts, 0 dropped
        Transmit: 9 packets, 0 errors, 1634 bytes, 0 mcasts, 0 dropped
        Collisions: 0

        Hardware type: Ethernet, Address: 00:15:00:78:88:db
        Network: PansGate, Address: 00:22:3f:a8:e3:90, WPA2, PSK/CCMP
        inet addr:, Bcast:, Mask:
        MTU: 1500, Metric: 0, up broadcast link configuring
        Receive: 34 packets, 340 errors, 4021 bytes, 0 mcasts, 0 dropped
        Transmit: 47 packets, 1 errors, 9054 bytes, 0 mcasts, 0 dropped
        Collisions: 0

Note the "configuring" in the latter, which just persists forever.  The
errors may not be typical; I think I mostly see it with many packets,
few errors.

There were lots of other anomalies that just confused me, so I'll forget
about them...


        -- Pete --

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