[haiku] WiFi woes

  • From: Pete Goodeve <pete.goodeve@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Haiku <haiku@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 17 Aug 2013 23:12:20 -0700

I'm wondering how much trouble others are having in getting
WiFi working.  I'm having a very frustrating time of it.

A year after getting my Haiku laptop, I managed to get the "right"
card installed (iprowifi4965).  Before buying a wifi router of my own,
I asked to "borrow" my neighbour's service, and -- with quite a bit
of fussing -- got to connect with Haiku. 

So I went ahead and bought a NetGear unit (N 150).  I have this all
wired up, and with Ubuntu (dual-boot on the same laptop) it connects
like a breeze.  In Haiku, I enter the password, and it goes into
"configuring".  Forever.  I never get a usable connection.

Unfortunately, I can't check against my neigbour's link because
she's gone away for a few months and so it's turned off.  As far
as I cas see, though, the setup is essentially identical (WPA2).
Different SSID and password, of course, but I *hope* that can't
affect things!

I seemed to remember that for a while Haiku only had WEP, so
I switched the router to that, and tried, but then, when I try to
connect, nothing happens at all!  No passcode request or
anything.  Has that just been removed completely?

There are other strangenesses.  If I do "ifconfig ... down" and
then  "...up", it seems to lose all the networks -- nothing shows
in either 'ifconfig...scan' or the network preflet.  And the mode
in Network Preferences *always* seems to revert to "Static" at the
slightest encouragement (should be DHCP, of course). 
(And anything set for the wired link is completely destroyed by
setting preferences for wireless!)

Is anybody currently working on networking?  It needs a lot
of love! (:-/)

Any suggestions as to something I might try?  (Lots of stuff
shows up in syslog, which I could copy and post if it would

        -- Pete --

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