[openbeos] Re: Where to have a WalterCon

  • From: "Norman B. Robinson" <norman_b_robinson@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 04 Nov 2003 08:01:40 -0500

My brother's name is Walter and he said his 'Con will be at home thank-you-very-much. ;)

I asked a friend of mine that books conferences (for his Church and for a government agency here in the states to the tune of 20 up to 3000 people on a monthly basis) and he said that in the USA, Chicago is cheaper conference space but the room prices are higher. He said NYC was hard because if varied based on season and the food was pricey. He said go south for cheaper room rates and suggested that we should consider Las Vegas or Florida.

Additionally he mentioned that because the Hotels in Las Vegas want to keep you inside so you will gamble, they usually have lots of 'free' (with the room) food out for those who are on a shoe-string budget.

Just thought I would try to help out; if you have a target size group please share the information. I'm sure I could call and we could compare prices as well as go online and check airfare from various spots around the world if necessary.
[ ] Ballroom to hold XX people
power and internet required? projectors? soundsystems?
[ ] Rooms for XX people
[ ] Shuttle bus to airport(s)?
[ ] Airfare prices from XXX location?

I didn't see we agreed to keep this offlist- please excuse me. I'll respond directly from now on unless instructed otherwise.



Michael Phipps wrote:

I know that we had agreed to keep this stuff offlist, so I will use this opportunity to give you all an update.

I have started looking into conference centers in NYC. The prices look pretty reasonable. I am thinking that a hotel with a conference center would be better because most of us will want to stay there.

I will keep you up to date as I know more.

On 2003-11-02 at 18:46:45 [-0500], Earl Colby Pottinger wrote:

Well I am just outside Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  But I see problems
getting you guys up here.

Based on cheap air fare available here, my coices would be:

New York City:
Pluses, easy to get to, services are available, cheap air fares and if
needed I could even drive there.

Minuses, not the cheapest place for rent hotels or show spaces.  Fear
of crime might keep some away.

Miami Florida:
Pluses, real cheap air fares at the right time of the year, cheap good

Middle, don't know how expensive convention space is.

Minuses, beachs covered with semi-nude women interfers with deep
computer thinking.

Las Vegas:
Pluses, real cheap air fares year round, cheap hotels (good ones?),
cheap convention space if no major show is on.

Minuses, easy gambling, easy women and easy men, cheap booze.  Do we
expect to get coding done here?

Earl Colby Pottinger

Ok guys,
We all know you're from somewhere, now just SHUT UP about having the

con at

the pub down your street!

My suggestion is this. Hold the convention in a city that is the hub

of some

cheap airline. Denver, Atlanta, Dallas. Kanasas City, even, is easily
accessible from anywhere in the US. Barring short commuter routes,


any ticket will cost roughly the same, its just a matter of flight




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