[openbeos] Re: Where to have a WalterCon

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  • Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2003 17:15:31 -0500

Instead of everyone suggesting cities on this mailing list why doesn't
someone setup a page where people can vote on the city they prefer.  The
list of cities would include all the major cities.  It probably should
include pros and cons for each city.

Scott MacMaster

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> >Norman B. Robinson wrote:
> >> Additionally he mentioned that because the Hotels in Las Vegas want
> to
> >> keep you inside so you will gamble, they usually have lots of 'free'
> >> (with the room) food out for those who are on a shoe-string budget.
> >
> >Wouldn't that also be true of Atlantic City?  Or Connecticut where
> they
> >have two huge casinos?
> >
> >Sounds to me like the guys trying to set this up are trying to get a
> >location that's central to everyone.  When you think of the folks in
> the
> >western US or Canada and the folks in Germany or Eastern Europe, New
> >York City is probably it.
> >
> >Bo
> Cheap flights to Las Vegas from Canada are easy to find.  Las Vegas is
> fine for me.
>           Earl Colby Pottinger
>              Whitby, Ontario, Canada

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