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  • From: Marcus Jacob <m.jacob@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 30 May 2007 22:21:19 +0200

Ryan Leavengood wrote:
On 5/30/07, Marcus Jacob <m.jacob@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

thanks for your feedback ;-) I didn't looked at the WebKit source - I
hate ObjectiveC - yet, but I do like the overall design.

From what I understand most of the Objective C has been moved into
Apple-specific parts of the code and a lot of WebKit is now written in

That is new information, I only looked at the published 418 build packages from the apple site, since I didn't have Internet at home for a long time and at work I couldn't access the repositories. Next thing on my to do list ;-)

I.e. the only ObjectiveC code left is the Cocoa stuff, which needs to be redone anyhow.
I wouldn't
worried about the actual browser, once the rendering engine and the
javascript engine are available. From what I take e.g. the WebView class
is a full browser sans user interface.

True, plus I think most people would prefer a simple browser like
NetPositive, so adding the other parts shouldn't be too hard.

May I ask what the esoteric build systems are?

CMake and Bakefile and I think one other one.

Never heard of those two, but then again, I'm a Category Manager for a large European hardware company nowadays - had to go somewhere after Be, Inc. - and unfortunately not up-to-date on all development related issues.
I was just curious about the current state of affairs, since a browser
alternative would be nice, since N+ is a little bit lacking nowadays and
building a browser from ground up no feasable option.

Yeah I think most people agree that using WebKit is our best option
for the "new NetPositive."

That's also my feeling. I assume none of the projects to build a new web browser for BeOS/Haiku is still active.


Marcus "Rossi" Jacob


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