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  • From: Marcus Jacob <m.jacob@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 30 May 2007 21:22:19 +0200

Hi Ryan,

thanks for your feedback ;-) I didn't looked at the WebKit source - I hate ObjectiveC - yet, but I do like the overall design. I wouldn't worried about the actual browser, once the rendering engine and the javascript engine are available. From what I take e.g. the WebView class is a full browser sans user interface.

May I ask what the esoteric build systems are?

I was just curious about the current state of affairs, since a browser alternative would be nice, since N+ is a little bit lacking nowadays and building a browser from ground up no feasable option.


Ryan Leavengood wrote:
On 5/30/07, Marcus Jacob <m.jacob@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

a very long while a potential WebCore/JavaScriptCore port has been
discussed on the forum (actually it has been a couple of years). Has
this topic ever been pursued?

I actually brought this up back in January.

I still am on the WebKit mailing list and am trying to keep an eye on
their progress. They are slowly making it more platform-independent
and reducing how much code has to be written when porting to a new
platform. There are a lot of people interested in getting WebKit on
Haiku, so soon it may be time to get organized and start a porting

The main problem I had was just getting the build system working,
since WebKit uses a several different esoteric build systems, none of
which had an active BeOS port. That may be less of an issue now. Also
some people have considered using Jam as the WebKit build system on

Apparently JavaScriptCore is already quite platform independent, and
WebCore has a pretty solid line between platform-independent code and
platform-dependent code. For example they have modules for handling
mouse input and drag and drop which are platform-dependent. I don't
think it would be too difficult to write those modules for Haiku, but
it might still take quite some time to write all that is needed (but
I'm not sure, it may not be as much as I think.)

Since FireFox has been getting more bloated lately (and either way
doesn't run that great on BeOS or Haiku), a lot of people want a more
lightweight browser. Porting WebKit would be a huge first step in
providing another browser choice. Keep in mind that WebKit is mostly
just the rendering engine and Javascript engine, the actual browser
would still need to be written.


Marcus "Rossi" Jacob


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