[openbeos] Re: Waltercon 07

  • From: "Michael S" <mikesum32@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2007 22:17:59 -0400

I don't know where you are coming from. You want to make business
connections ? Waltercon is bad investment professionally ? Are you sure you
went to the right conference ? Frankly, I think you are being somewhat
disingenuous. It's called Waltercon, named after an April Fool's Day joke,
and it's tagline is a Monty Python reference. It doesn't exactly scream
"serious business conference," and you must've been smoking something to
think that a community smaller than BSD's community will provide you with a
source of income or valuable business connections. Maybe valuable business
connection, but only one.

It baffles me that we sink time into making presentations on what Haiku can
do, and then deliver them to the people who are -making it do that-. If the
mindset for WalterCon were changed from "hey buddy developer / community
member, let's go some place and have a beer" to more of a "let's recruit and
educate people or businesses who -aren't- heavily involved in the community"
then it would definitely be worth my money to go.

The people who go to Waltercon, do so voluntarily, sure we could ask for
people from other communites to have a look, but we can't make them come. As
for marketing and bringing in new blood, Haiku is not ready for prime time,
not that I don't think we need *some* marketing and introduction to outside
people. That's what osnews and slashdot are for, getting the word out. That
is also what Koki excelled at. Koki's was really good at taking the raw
progress and distilling it down into neat, appealing, and easy to
understand, digestible chunks, and communicating with hardware manufactures,
yet, for some strange reason the most quaified marketing person resigned.
Problems people have can't be fixed if you don't articulate it. Who knows
why Koki left? Was there were some problem with Haiku Inc, the developers,
or did he not have the time ? If it's the former two, it can't be fixed
unless he tells someone what the problems are. Bryan was at 2004 and 2005.
Bryan you could've taken Michael aside and expressed your concerns, or given
him a phone call or e-mail sometime during the year after Waltercon 2005. I
just find your post a little harsh and a little late in the game.

The fact is, I like going Waltercon and I don't know if I can go to a
European one. I aslo think one BeOS/Haiku event for Europe is enough. Europe
has Begeistert. Leave the western hemisphere some Haiku action.

How about we have Waltercon in the USA, and have a Waltercon Europe or a
Haikucon in Europe or nag the Begeistert people to make their get together
into your vision ? Yes maybe the format could be changed, but the first one
had a whole day of technical presentations, and was dead and lifeless. It
would be nice to have new blood, but you have to get them interested first.
Haiku needs to remain open and transparent for quality and accountability,
just like governments should be. [Quip about government secrecy.]

It seems everyone has an opinion about Haiku and about Waltercon. You know
what they say that opinions are like. If you don't, then google it.

Just my opinion. I could be wrong.


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