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  • Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2008 05:16:40 -0400

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>Some of the administrative tasks that we handle inside Haiku Inc. are not open 
>to anyone, as they deal with sensitive information There is, therefore, the 
>issue of privacy and trust, so this sort of tasks cannot be totally open or 
>offered up for grabs to whoever wants to do them.

+1. Some examples of this include dealing with money and donor names (many 
donors prefer to be anonymous).

>Every other area of contribution, whether it is development related or not, 
>including all aspects of the website (Trac, Drupal, copywriting, content 
>moderation, etc.) has a certain learning curve. Whether this learning curve is 
>insurmountable or not for any given individual will depend on the area of 
>contribution, and the skills and motivation of the potential contributor.

Jorge is right here, although I think that the learning curve for working on 
the content for the website is low enough that, well, if you have something to 
say, learning to put it into Drupal isn't all that hard. :-)

>Regardless of what it is that you want to do, a minimum skill set in the area 
>of contribution, time and motivation are needed; skills can be learned, but 
>time and/or motivation are esential.

This seems to be the real issue - finding time and motivation.

>Any ideas what we could do about this? Is what I am saying
>even making sense? :-)
>We get a lot "I would love to help Haiku, but I dont have time or skills" type 
>of messages. While this shows that this people care about Haiku, and that 
>alone is nice, it does not solve our shortage of manpower.
>We also get the occasional "I want to code for Haiku. Please tell me what to 
>do" message on the Haiku Inc. mailbox. We have religiously and thoroughly 
>answered those inquiries with all the relevant pointers that the person would 
>need to inform him/herself about Haiku development.
>In most cases, we never hear hear from this people. Would have it made any 
>difference if we had more or different information on the website? I highly 
>doubt it, but I would love to be proven wrong.

Nearly all cases. Yeah, really. I spent literally hundreds of hours trying to 
help people get started only to have them never write another line of code. 

Stippi and Jorge have alluded to this, but part of the problem is that there is 
something of an "us and them" issue. People look at Haiku the way they looked 
at Be. They are over there and we are over here. HAIKU IS YOU. YOU ARE HAIKU. 
Or, at least, you could be. *ALL* it takes to become involved in Haiku is time 
and motivation and a reasonably normal level of intelligence. Mind, kernel code 
requires at least a four digit IQ (hi, Axel), but for a lot of the other things 
that need to be done, just normal people can handle it. The issue is time and 

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