[openbeos] Re: WalterCon 2008: Change of Plans

  • From: "Urias McCullough" <umccullough@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2008 13:20:36 -0700

If I may, I'd like to contribute to this discussion a bit.

2008/7/22 Dennis d'Entremont <dennis.dentremont@xxxxxxxxx>:
>> I'm not sure I completely understand your point, but I think you have a
>> misunderstanding about what Haiku, Inc. actually is. It is simply a legal
>> entity to hold Haiku copyrights and income/donations as an official
>> non-profit organisation. It doesn't employ people. There is boring admin
>> stuff that has to be done, and often it's hard to find volunteers to do
>> that, and so that stuff gets left behind.
> As a side note, Simon, can you explain which "boring admin stuff" needs to
> be taken care of? I don't remember the last time I saw a call to the
> community for this type of help. Maybe there are some folks that would be
> interested in helping out.

You are correct, there haven't been a lot of requests from the
community to assist... but there have been some, that have gone

However, there have been requests for volunteer professional financial
and legal advice from the community... This is one area that Haiku,
Inc. is still lacking, and it's starting to show I think. I am
guessing that the lack of response in this area means the community
doesn't have any individuals who can provide this sort of advice.
Therefore, these tasks must be done by people who a) don't necessarily
know how to do them, and b) aren't terribly interested in doing them.

Perhaps if there were weekly messages asking for help in these areas,
it would be more obvious.

Also, there have been some requests to help maintain and update the
website (see the haiku-web mailing list for some details). Some
volunteers have spoken up, but it seems as if there hasn't been a lot
of progress lately. Niels has done a good job of updating Trac, and
making some changes to the user account security mechanism.

Long story short, I think the people behind Haiku, Inc. aren't
necessarily bold enough to ask for help from the community often
enough, and if anyone is dedicated and willing to help finish off some
of the tasks necessary to move things forward, they should probably
speak up now.

- Urias

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