[openbeos] Re: Visual design stuff again

  • From: "Simon Taylor" <simontaylor1@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 13:57:54 +0100 BST

> "Simon Taylor" <simontaylor1@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > [...]
> > > Well, we as a team don't consider this - we won't spend time 
> > > creating 
> > > a 
> > > new look now. But we will certainly not stop you from developing 
> > > your 
> > > own "new look" - everybody can do this: on his own. There is only 
> > > a 
> > > very slight chance that any of those efforts will make it into 
> > > our 
> > > tree, and maybe only available via #ifdef anyway.
> > How bad would you feel if I did do it separately though?
> I wouldn't mind.
> > You release R1 quietly, not expecting anyone will really want to 
> > use 
> > it 
> > apart from those few already using R5. I believe that the appeal is 
> > wider, so take all of your code, add a couple of hundered lines to 
> > change the look, and keep the code private. I push it a bit, send a 
> > few 
> > copies to a few magazines, get a few screenshots up on computer 
> > websites, and sell a few thousand copies at £20 a time. Nice little 
> > earner for me (for next to no work), OBOS gets no mention anywhere, 
> > no 
> > increased interest, no more developers.
> Don't be stupid. We won't release R1 quietly - it will have a good 
> momentum when it's out; you will find reviews in magazines etc.
> Sure, you can give it a new look and sell it, but there is no way to 
> hide where this is all coming from. You won't sell those copies to 
> beginners, but to people who know about its inheritage.

So do you want to attract as many users/developers as possible? The 
look is crucial to that.

yT got slashdotted about selling zeta-pcs, and their website got 1.3 
million hits in a few hours. Slashdot readers are amoung those who will 
make the download/ignore decision based on a single screenshot (as Lars 
mentioned a while back) - it will at least play a role in the decision 
whether or not to download or even whether or not to take a passing 
interest in the project. A screenshot that looks like R5 may attract 
some, but a screenshot of a new more modern look, along with one of the 
R5 look can only increase the interest.  

> > That is not something that I would do, but that is not to say that 
> > nobody would. All I want is for people to be able to see R1 for 
> > what 
> > it 
> > truly is, for more people to download it (geeks, devs, and users), 
> > for 
> > more hype to surround the project ready for the release to conquer 
> > the 
> > world, and for more people to help develop said world-conquering 
> > release. There is nothing wrong with "selling" R1 as > R5 - my 
> > parents 
> > would still have no interest in it at all - you wouldn't be swamped 
> > with clueless users. What would happen is geeks, current- and ex-Be 
> > users would be much more interested in R1, and then they could help 
> > to 
> > spread the word to others, ready for R2.
> Yes. So what? I don't get your point.
> BTW our license allows you to sell R1, so go ahead :)

The point is, the more interest, the better. If a new look helps 
increase interest, you should be the ones to do it - and not let a 
third party get 10x more downloads for distributing 99.9% the same code 
as you, with a different look.

Selling bootable OBOS R1 install CDs might be an interesting way for 
you to make some money as an organisation. It would work as more of an 
incentive to donate rather than actually "selling" the product - as 
anyone would obviously be a ble to download a fully working OS from the 
OBOS website for free. I would be *much* more likely to buy a CD from 
OBOS for $30 or so, than to donate $20 and get nothing in return.

> Bye,
>    Axel.


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