[openbeos] Re: Visual Design for R1?

  • From: burton666@xxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: 3 Sep 2003 09:00:28 -0000

>eg: To create an acceptable graduated shadow (although obviously  horribly 
>inefficient) for the BScrollView B_FANCY_BORDER or whatever:

The problem is:
Can we all agree on a given design, different from the R5 one?
I don't like the supplied screenshots, for example.
So, as we (not me) already decided much time ago (at least, IIRC), OBOS R1 will 
look as BeOS R5.

Moreover, isn't just a matter of changing a few lines. Yeah, for the 
scrollbars, maybe, but have a look at some more advanced controls... you need 
to change the drawing mode for all the states of those controls, and you need 
to have a consistent look.

So, my opinion (which probably doesn't count so much) is: let's stick to the R5 
visual design and let's get this thing done.

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