[openbeos] Re: Visual Design for R1?]

  • From: Erik Jaesler <erik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 03 Sep 2003 17:12:13 -0700

DarkWyrm wrote:

Is there any chance we could have a UI redisgn for R1? I'm not asking
for complete interface skinning (not sure I ever want that) - but a
redesign interface kit components and default decorator.

I think you might have one.

Personally speaking, a lot of work has gone into them already, and I'd hate to see work on controls which are currently done to suddenly be "not done" because of a graphical redesign. At the same time, it'd be nice to have an updated look. This is a decision for Erik or Michael officially, but I'd rather wait and see if someone decides to rework the look independently. That "one more thing" syndrome tends to prevent getting stuff out the door.

As DarkWyrm says, members of the IK team (Marc Flerackers, in particular) have spent a great deal of time getting the controls right and that's not time we can really afford to spend again at this point. Developing APIs for doing what Stuart's vision of the Be UI needs would require a lot more time. Yes, if we hacked in this and duct taped in that would could "make it work", but that is not the (Open)BeOS way: when we do introduce new APIs, we want them to be clean, logical and easy to use, just like the rest of the BeAPI.

Now, a couple of people have volunteered, both on this list and in mail
to me personally, to "do the work for us".  These are kind offers, and I
assure you that we do appreciate them.  However, there are three reasons
we must say "no".  First, we have not decided on what the new look might
be.  Second, I don't want to have relatively stable code getting messed
with just so we don't have (by some opinions) slightly out-of-date
looking widgets.  Third, if you have that kind of time on your hands,
*please* volunteer to write code that will actually move the project
forward to release!  Frankly, we could have the most amazing looking
widget set in the known universe, but it's a complete waste of time if
other, far more important, parts of the OS are not finished and/or
tested and debugged.

In short, R2 is where all this stuff will happen.  Everybody agrees, I
think, that an update to the look of the OS is desireable, and you may
rest assured that we will be adding a number of new capabilites and APIs
in R2 that will work toward that end.  In the meantime, it is vastly
more important that we get R1 out the door.  Again, I'd like to
encourage anyone with the ability and time to help out with unfinished
tasks -- the faster we get R1 completed, the faster we'll get to
building R2. =)



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