[openbeos] Re: Visual Design for R1?

  • From: "Adi Oanca" <e2joseph@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2003 00:07:03 +0300

From: "Simon Taylor"
> Hi all,
> I seem to recall reading somewhere that for copyright reasons OBOS R1
> will have a new name, and also have a completly new set of icons.
> However, looking at the Default Decorator for the App Server and the
> interface kit code, it appears these areas are sticking very closely to
> the R5 design - AFAIK, pixel-for-pixel for a lot of the interface kit
> code.
> Although R5 does look pretty good, it is begin to look dated compared
> to more modern interfaces.

    You're right!

> Is there any chance we could have a UI redisgn for R1? I'm not asking
> for complete interface skinning (not sure I ever want that) - but a
> redesign interface kit components and default decorator.

    I think you might have one.

> Stuart (team lead of the Creative Design Team) posted some mock ups of
> a possible future OBOS GUI on the web (site down at the moment). I have
> copied-and-pasted bits from these mockups over the top of a screenshot
> of an R5 app I was working on to show how old apps could look if
> interface controls and decorators were drawn differently. I
> purposefully haven't moved any of the controls - to show how an old app
> designed with the R5 look in mind could still look cool with a modern
> interface redesign.

    WHERE are those mockups??????????????
    I've been looking for them for 3 days! (well... 3 hours at every night!)

    I remember seeing some INCREDIBLE mockups, I've saved them on my HDD but
I've lost all my data 3 months ago!

    Can anyone give me a link to some of these images or send them to me by
email??? PLEASE!

> More discussion and mock-up app shot at:
> http://si-msn.port5.com/OBOS-Look.html
> Altering a few lines of code in the Draw() methods of interface items
> would not affect binary compatibility, but will completely alter a
> user's perception of the OS. A new, modern look would re-enliven the
> entire OS, and help to set apart OBOS R1 as being "newer and better
> than BeOS R5" (many at the moment see it as a clone, instead of a
> binary-compatible API reimplementation).
> Thoughts/comments?

    It's like we had the same thought at the same time. I was planning to
talk to DarkWyrm about a new Default Decorator that was... more modern, but
I had to find those mockups first.
    I think DW will gladly accept our request!

> ps: Keep up the great work guys - I can't wait to boot OBOS off my HDD!

    Me too... :-)

> pps: Any chance of posting some more news to the front page? First
> successful messaging test using 100% OBOS code seems like a newsworthy
> item to me ;)

    Yeah! Do that Erik!

PS: I'm a IK Team member developing BWindow/BView classes and recently
joined DW on app_server development. IF DW doesn't want to adopt the new
Default Decorator( witch I surely doubt!!! ), I promise you I will implement
it as an add-on! :-)


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