[haiku] Re: VMW tools as (optional) package

  • From: Vincent DUVERT <vincent.duvert@xxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2009 07:02:41 +0100

Le 5 févr. 09 à 00:39, Axel Dörfler a écrit :

Vincent DUVERT <vincent.duvert@xxxxxxx> wrote:

The only thing you do wrong (besides the fixed screen size; have you
tried using BScreen?), is that you add another "modifier" field to the
message - all mouse/key messages already have one; just removing the
line should be the perfect solution (since the Wacom message is wrong
as well, did you copy that code from there?).

I added it to have an exact duplicate of the Wacom driver BMessage, but it now works with and without this line anyway.

In any case, the problem Stephan mentioned has been fixed in r29135, so
it should work now.

Yes, this is now working fine. Thanks !
Even better, I noticed that I don't have to send "tablet_[xy]" : removing "delta_[xy]" and update the "where" BPoint, which is using pixel coordinates, is sufficient.
So I don't even need to get the screen size :-)
I will now make some more tests and cleanup my code...


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