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  • Date: Sat, 07 Feb 2009 07:40:40 +0100

Hi Nicholas!

Nicholas Blachford wrote:
Don't know if I mentioned this before but it'll save an awful lot of effort to make the documents "translatable" in the first place.
The situation can however be helped by being very careful with what you write and there are guidelines to help with this. In work we can't just write what we feel. We have a hefty document that tells us how to write. Many of the rules are seemingly bizarre and incomprehensible but these are often there exactly to assist with automated translation.

Well, we don't use automated translation. As reactions on- and offlist have shown, we have an excited community that's eager to contribute. :) Also, though I don't have a Tome o' Words I'm allowed to use at work, we do have to use a certain terminology and are forced to use short, bordering on moronic, sentences. I definitely don't want our user guide to become that "inhuman". Ours is a work of love, no toil. :)

But I value your input... How's the Icon-O-Matic guide coming along? :)


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