[haiku] Re: User Guide (Translation) Site

  • From: "Jorge G. Mare" <jorge.g.mare@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 05 Feb 2009 17:24:31 -0800


Humdinger wrote:
> Hi!
> As you all remember, we recently had a discussion how to coordinate
> the translating efforts of the user documentation. Jorge suggested to
> try a translation-enabled Drupal site and has been working on a
> prototype for that. Please have a look at it at
> http://www.haikuzone.net/haikuguide/welcome


Just a few additional observations:

* All pages have the following tabs above the title:

VIEW: displays the page.

EDIT: gives access to the edit screen, where you can make changes to the
title, text, page hierarchy and other settings.

REVISIONS: available only when the page has revisions, it provides a
list of changes made to the page with date, author and a log message, as
well as the capability to view a diff between any two revs.

TRANSLATE: gives a list of available translation languages and whether
the page has been translated or not to each of those languages. From
there you can view and/or edit existing translations, or add a
translation when one does not yet exist.

CHILDREN: shows a list of children pages, that is, pages that are below
the current one in the document hierarchy.

* It is possible to follow the changes made to each of the pages from


or, perhaps preferably, by subscribing to this feed:


The feed shows a diff and provides a link to the modified page, so this
would be a good way for translators to be notified of changes that they
need to reflect on their respective language.

* There is also an overview of the translation status for each language
can be monitored from here:


At the moment, the major hurdle is that the HTML export module that I
had envisioned using does not seem to work in multilanguage-enabled
situations. I have posted a bug report/feature request, but there is no
guarantee that it will be fixed; in which case, it would be a
showstopper. For more info...

- HTML Export module: http://drupal.org/project/html_export
- Bug report: http://drupal.org/node/367280

The website interface changes when you switch languages, but there are
still parts that are incomplete (as in, not translated, ergo still
showing in English). For such situations, the site already has in place
an "on-screen" translation feature that splits the window in two and
allows translating the untranslated strings while viewing the page. This
is pretty neat.

This system is by no means perfect and as straightforward (or
automated?) as you would probably want, but it may still have the
potential to lower the barrier so more people can help with the
translation of the user guide in a centralized place.

If this is something that Haiku would like to use, or at least try, then
I will continue working on it. If, however, for whatever reason, this is
not what Haiku wants to use, then no big deal.

As already mentioned, the site is only a proof of concept and very much
WIP, so there are a lot of rough edges, missing functionality, broken
stuff, etc.. I have already made a full file/DB backup, so it's OK to
play around with it freely, but please be nice. :)



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