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  • From: Humdinger <humdingerb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2009 21:44:53 +0100


As you all remember, we recently had a discussion how to coordinate
the translating efforts of the user documentation. Jorge suggested to
try a translation-enabled Drupal site and has been working on a
prototype for that. Please have a look at it at
Be advised that this is much like an alpha release, not fully debugged
and polished, but showing how it works in principle. The goal is to
have that site also as online resource for the Haiku User Guide, not
just for translating purposes. Design decisions aren't final.

So, we have the English version as source; any new pages and updates
will be added here first.
When updating a page, we'll mark all translations of that page as
"needs updating".
A notification is sent out to all subscribers of that page and
probably a mailing list where everyone interested can monitor changes
without being subscribed to every single page.

As nice as Drupal is, it'll still need some manual comparing of
revisions. When a page is marked "needs updating", you still have to
find the corresponding English revision to have Drupal show a  nice
diff to work on.

Because there's a bit of administrative overhead and also not to have
it all sucked into an unmanageable chaos, there should be an admin for
every language who collects translated pages/updates, proof-reads
them, making sure there's a certain style and standard of quality
upheld. Probably these admins will be the main translators in the
beginning, too, but over time they will also have to coordinate the
work of others.

So far so cool, now here's the problem:
At the moment the HTML export function of this translation-aware
Drupal seems to be broken and only outputs zero-sized files. That
means that the documents aren't easily transferred to our SVN to be
packaged with our images.
This would pretty much be a knock-out for this solution, if there
isn't a developer who either fixes Drupal's export feature or codes a
script that checks out the data right from Drupal's mysql database to
build HTML files manually.
Is there anyone interested? I hope so, because the Drupal solution is
here /now/, could maybe be integrated with the rest of Haiku's site in
the future and with Jorge we've someone who's capable to quickly turn
this into a productive system. Also, as our website is also Drupal
based, there are already people familiar with the minimum of
administration I expect when everything's up and running.

So, 1) what do you think of the approach in general (always remember,
there probably isn't a solution out there that's perfect in every way;
also we can't thoroughly test half a dozen systems).
And 2) anyone up for an export solution?


PS: Thunderbird refuses to send mails over smtp.googlemail today, so I
sent this mail via the webinterface. Hope it comes out alright.
Anyone else problems with googlemail today?

PPS: And I apologize for the long mail. I tried to keep it short, but failed...

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