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  • Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2009 16:53:46 +0200

Jorge G. Mare wrote:
I have started updating the content on the new website; the following are a few 
that have been updated and are now online for peer review:

Very nice work! Thanks Jorge!


The screenshot tour is a good idea. Unfortunately, the 800x600 size of the 
shots just
barely fit a regular browser window. For most, the caption below the 
screenshots will be
out of sight.
How about putting the caption above the images and try to crop images. IMO it 
always have to be a full-size screenshot. It's OK to cut out single windows 
like for the
user guide.

The following are mostly minor typos:


| Do you have a roadmap?
|There is nothing really engraved in stone, but you can get an idea from this 
view of
|current milestones and the Future Haiku Features page on our development 
website. [top]

Is "engraved in stone" really the right idiom? I'm no native, but I'd go with "set 
in stone".


|Hardware - Spare parts, in good shape, can be a help when someone wants to 
donate without
|having much in their wallet. Working hardware components are necessary to 
write drivers.
|Sometimes Haiku developers need replacement components for a development 
machine. Sending
|an e-mail to the Haiku mailing list, or posting a message in the forums are 
two good ways
|to let the community know you have someone to donate.
As long as Axel doesn't need a new retina or pancreas, this should be 

|Marketing – Open source software can provide a viable alternative to 
businesses who wish
|to distance themselves from proprietary software and who would like to be 
involved in the
|developement of their platform of choice.
That would be "development".

|Legal expertise is a great opportunity for someone to be a sizable help Haiku 
|having to do much.                                         ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

That would be "sizeable help for" (or is it "...to"?).

|A person with experience in graphic design has potential to be very a great 
help in...
That would be "to be a very great help".

|The current situation is passable and several on the Haiku project have these 
|people dedicated to maintaining and updating content on both the Haiku and 
Here a new sentence should be started. At least it's quite a long and a bit odd 

|The forums on the main site are one of the first stops for people wanting to 
submit ideas
|and to ask for help about various BeOS-related problems
That would be "Haiku".


|... but has also translated into community growth, as a several former GSoC 
students have
|become active long-term Haiku contributors over time.^^^

- "a"


Tom Fairfield and his Services Kit aren't part of the HCD 2009, as Tom got a 
chance to
work on a research program of his university (how's that going for you, Tom, if 
you read
In his stead, Raghu Nagireddy worked with his mentor stippi on BFS support 
under FUSE.


The section "Please Add My Project!" is duplicated right below it as "Tell us 
about your


|Haiku and the Haiku logo are trademarks of Haiku, Inc. The objective of this 
policy is to
|encourage and allow widespread use of the Haiku name and logo while protect it 
from usage
|which would threaten...                                            ^^^^^^^^^

That would be "protecting".


|While we encourage using Haiku to build Haiku and/or software for Haiku, it is 
|possible to do cross-compile from other operating systems. If you choose to 
- "do"

|from another system, the Pre-Requisite Software for Compiling Haiku guide may 
be a good
|reference for each supported development environments.
That would be "environment".

Again, nice work everyone!


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