[openbeos] Re: Unsuccessful OpenBeOS installation.

  • From: Simon Taylor <simontaylor1@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 15:18:45 +0000

> Okay - I was interested in seeing how the OBOS project 
> was developing and whether there might be any areas I 
> could volunteer to help in. So, I downloaded/created the 
> boot floppy and tried it. It all collapsed in a heap as, 
> as far as I can tell, my Matrox graphics card was being 
> asked to do/display something which it couldn't. I have 
> seen similar problems with early versions of other op 
> systems. Anyway, it's a shame if there is nowhere to 
> discuss this - so I'll just have to shut up on that 
> subject. Sorry to have posted to the wrong place. Should 
> you require the help of an experienced dev/tester then 
> please let me know. 
> BTW: The term 'Install' does not necessarily mean 'to a 
> hard drive', and I consider getting the kernel booted-up 
> with a command prompt to equate to running OBOS as it 
> currently stands. 
> Also, I do currently run BeOS 5.0 - but do still 
> encounter problems - so I'll see you in the begroovy 
> support forum. 
> Kevin.

Ah right. Now I understand.

OBOS could always use experienced devs. Seeing what is missing from the floppy 
is probably not the best way to find something to work on, as 90% of the code 
that gets compiled when you build OBOS doesn't actually go on the floppy. As 
BeOS is modular, everything is being developed "in parallel", but it is really 
just the kernel that makes it on to the floppy.

IIRC, the network kit could really use some help. Otherwise, look on the team 
pages on the website, find an area you're interested in, drop a mail to the 
team leader to see what stuff needs doing (the task lists are usually a bit 

This list occasionally has posting similar to yours - it was just the subject 
that confused things I think. A subject "Kernel floppy doesn't boot" may well 
have got a slightly more useful responses (not from me, but from someone who 
knows about these things!). I wouldn't call the floppy not running an 
"installation" issue, that was the cause of the confusion I think.

Considering the relatively large number of user-postings on this list, maybe 
now is the time to start an OBOS-users list specifically for this kind of 
thing, and where we can carry on interesting off-topic discussions without 
worrying about polluting the list with non-developmental topics.

See you on begroovy!


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