[openbeos] Re: Unsuccessful OpenBeOS installation.

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  • Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 14:15:08 +0000

> Allright, then. Before I start bombarding the list with
> my OpenBeOS installation woes in detail, is this the 
> right place to be asking such things ?   The biggest PITA 
> at the moment is finding a graphics mode my Matrox 
> graphics cards will accept ! 
> BTW: Is the issue of booting/running OpenBeOS from hard
> drive already being addressed ?   Is documentation, lists 
> of FAQs + hints & tips currently in hand ?  
> Kevin.


I, and I'm sure many others, are very confused by your question.

You can't get ANYWHERE NEAR running OpenBeOS (OBOS henceforth) as a usable OS - 
because it is not finished.
Matrox graphics mode? OBOS can't run the app server yet, as Michael mentioned. 
All you can do, as of now, is test some kits with R5 (print server, translation 
server, etc) and create a floppy that will boot the openbeos kernel (simply 
display a command prompt). Nothing more. It is not possible to "install" OBOS 
now, and use it as an operating system, because of the vital bits missing in 
the chain.

Of course booting from a HDD is being addressed - Axel has been working for a 
good few months on the bootloader. 

There is already a FAQ on the website, and docs will be pretty much as for BeOS 

Michael/Kurtis: Maybe a new FAQ entry Q: "How can I install OBOS?". A: "You 
can't yet! It is not finished. When R1 is released, detailed instructions will 
be provided."

And as you ask if this is the right place - no, not really.

The original purpose of this OBOS list was for the developers to discuss 
cross-team issues when implementing R1. It was never intended to be a general 
user mailing list containing requests for help, and general R2 requests for 
features. There isn't a user-list because there aren't any users [of OBOS] yet 
- because there has been no release yet.

Just to clear stuff up:
This list: strictly issues related to release 1 of OBOS. As this is, 
functionality-wise, very close to R5 there should not be that many posts.
Glass Elevator (glasselevator.sourceforge.net): Discussion of stuff for beyond 
R1 - feature requests, etc, should go here
Other places: General OS-War rambling, help, etc. There are forums all over the 
web. I recommend forums.begroovy.com - it's been pretty quiet on there lately, 
and some of the recent threads on the list have been interesting, but I don't 
like to reply here for fear of the S/N ratio of the list. Please take these 
discussion there.

Kevin, if you're having problems installing BeOS R5.0.3 (like bga, I can't see 
what else you'd be attempting to do) then go to the support part of 
forums.begroovy.com and I'd be happy to help in whatever way I could.


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