[openbeos] Re: Unsuccessful OpenBeOS installation.

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Before responding to this troll's missive please do a Google search 'comptutrius', read up, and ignore.


Hasta luego,

On Nov 13, 2003, at 10:20 AM, casdcsdc sdfccsdcsd wrote:

omg.. no they are just going to leave it as it is.. it
will never boot on its own ;)..
--- kevin.lawton@xxxxxx wrote:
Allright, then. Before I start bombarding the list
with my OpenBeOS installation woes in detail, is
this the right place to be asking such things ?
The biggest PITA at the moment is finding a graphics
mode my Matrox graphics cards will accept !
BTW: Is the issue of booting/running OpenBeOS from
hard drive already being addressed ?   Is
documentation, lists of FAQs + hints & tips
currently in hand ?

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This is exactly on topic.

There isn't a lot written because getting the whole
system up and running isn't
possible yet. We aren't at the point where we can
boot from a hard drive. We have
never run the servers (app_server, input_server,
etc) on our kernel (since they
won't fit on a floppy), etc. We have done some betas
of individual kits, if that
is what you are trying to do.

On 2003-11-13 at 05:14:33 [-0500], openbeos-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hoping that this question is at least moderately
close to being on-topic:
I've worked at getting OpenBeOS up and running on
a few of my systems, and
found the process very difficult to achieve
successfully. Before I start
moaning and groaning about this or that problem, I
thought it would be a good
idea to ask if there is any hardware compatibility
list available and any hints
& tips, FAQs or Q & A s I could be directed to,
please ? I don't want to be
wasting anyone's valuable time explaining stuff
which has been covered before
and documented.
Thanks in advance.

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