[haiku] US Week Numbers

  • From: Izomiac <haikulist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2009 14:01:57 -0400

To teach myself C++ I've been working on a calendar-type replicant off and
on (mostly off) for the past couple years.  It's nowhere near completion,
but I figured I could use a little input as to what people would prefer.
While using Haiku I noticed that the week numbers don't quite match up with
my program for a US calendar and that made me rethink an earlier (minor)
design decision.

There's an ISO week number standard for Europeans, basically a week goes
from Monday to Sunday and the first week contains January fourth.  In the US
week numbers are very rarely used, and there are several different
standards.  A US week, though, runs Sunday to Saturday so the two systems
aren't strictly compatible.  Realistically I'm using US week numbers just to
launch a week view when you click on them, but I figure someone might care
about how they're numbered.

There are several options that I could do.  Currently, I define a European
system and a US system (Week one contains Jan. 7th).  Another option (what
Haiku does) is to use European numbering but Sunday gets moved to the next
week.  Another option would be to have options for each possible standard
and allow the user to pick which they prefer.

So, all that said, what would Haiku users (i.e. you) find most useful?  I'm
reluctant to overload the settings window if nobody is going to benefit from
it.  Are the other Americans like me and not care about the specific
numbering?  Are there formats other than the ISO standard that anyone wants?

Feel free to fire any other suggestions as for what you'd want in a
calendar/to-do list/clock replicant (it's visually identical to Rainlendar
and uses its skin format).  Any ideas are appreciated, but I'm doubtly it'll
be ready anytime soon since I have a chronically freetime deficiency.

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