[openbeos] Re: UDF 0.7.0 Released

  • From: "Simon Taylor" <simontaylor1@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 10:33:06 +0100 BST

> Howdy folks, 
> Version 0.7.0 of my UDF filesystem add-on is now available from:
> http://www.bebits.com/app/3528
> This release includes full multi-session support, and for those of 
> you who 
> didn't pick up the unannounced 0.6.1 release, also includes a fix for 
> a bug 
> encountered when copying files from a UDF disc using Tracker or the 
> cp 
> command.
> I'd like to add support for reading DirectCD discs next, but at the 
> moment 
> I have no way to create any DirectCD discs for testing. So, if any of 
> you 
> out there who use DirectCD would be willing to get a disc image or 
> two to 
> me, I'd be happy to try and get things working. As to how exactly one 
> should go about doing that, here follows what I would try. If anyone 
> knows 
> of a better way to do this, I'd be happy to hear it. :-)
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> ------
> 1. Create a new disc with DirectCD containing two small text files, 
> each 
> with a short, unique bit of text in them. For example, "Test file 
> one" in 
> the first file and "Test file two" in the second would be sufficient. 
> Name 
> them whatever you like. 
> 2. Create a disc image in BeOS using the following command from a 
> terminal:
> cat /dev/disk/ide/atapi/1/master/0/raw > ~/Desktop/DirectCD.img
> Your CD-ROM device might be named differently than mine, thus the 
> "/dev/disk/..." path may need to be modified accordingly, but it 
> ought to 
> be something similar. cat will probably exit with some sort of error 
> once 
> it hits the unrecorded portion of the disc (I usually get a "device 
> format 
> error"), but that should be okay, as long as the file it created is 
> larger 
> than 0 bytes.
> 3. Zip up the image.
> 4. Send it to me. You can either just email it to me, or if you'd 
> rather 
> ftp it to me, let me know and I can give you a server name and a 
> login you 
> can use. 
> I would try the above on an unclosed disc first, and if it doesn't 
> look 
> like it worked right, close the disc and try it again. I think you'll 
> end 
> up with a fairly reasonably sized zip file, probably a few MB at 
> most. If 
> it turns out to be significantly more than that, let me know, and 
> perhaps 
> I'll have to work out a way for someone to send me a CD through 
> postal mail.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> ------

Hi Tyler,

I was the one who mentioned DirectCD on BeBits talkback.

The problem I have is I only have one monitor, and the CD-R is in the 
other machine. I did plug it in the other day, stuck a blank in, 
initialised it for Direct CD, and copied a file across. Ejected and 
selected to "leave as is", and switched back to this machine (the new 
one). I've only got a DVD in this box, and the drive didn't recognise 
it as a disk at all - lit up for a couple of minutes before reporting 
"no media" in both windows and BeOS.

I will do some more experiments and try and get some images to you 

> As always, please let me know if you come across any unsupported 
> discs 
> (other than DirectCD discs), or if you have any other troubles with 
> it. 
> Thanks! 
> -Tyler


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