[haiku] TuneTracker offers $1000 Bounty for assistance (BeOS related though)

  • From: Matt Madia <mattmadia@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2010 21:43:42 -0400

Technically this is off-topic, as it relates to BeOS.
But it's also an opportunity for a haiku developer to make $1000,
while at the same helping TuneTracker bridge the gap between BeOS and

Quoting http://www.tunetrackersystems.com/bounty.html
$1000 Bounty Offered

Dane Scott at TuneTracker Systems is offering a bounty of $1000 to the
person who can resolve an issue with a certain motherboard that causes
it to detect network cards intermittently under BeOS. "Everything else
about the motherboard works great," he says, "and we'd really like to
use it in our systems if we can. "

"The problem we're encountering is that networking is a little dicy.
We can get a network card to work, but after a reboot, we get a
'network device failed to initialize' error. If we go into Network
Preferences, clear the card and reboot, it is re-found, and we can set
up an IP address and network ok. But then after another reboot, we're
back to the 'failed to initialize' error again."

The bounty will be awarded to anyone who can do one of the following things:

1. Solve the intermittent network card detection problem by either
altering the motherboard's behavior (through BIOS or some other means)
or by adjusting the settings in BeOS, or a combination, whatever it

2. Finds a way to get BeOS to use the motherboard's onboard network
chip, by porting a driver or by whatever other means.

3. Finds a different motherboard with at least four PCI slots (or
three PCI slots if the onboard networking works fine under BeOS, or
two PCI slots if both onboard networking and onboard audio work well
under BeOS.) There must be a large supply of the motherboards
available somewhere; a minimum of 100.

The person who succeeds can collect the bounty personally or instruct
TuneTracker Systems to donate it to the Haiku project.

"It might be that, once we talk with the right person out there, they
can suggest the right fix in five minutes, and even that is fine.
They'll still get the bounty. What's important to us that we resolve
the issue," says Scott.

Anyone who would like to try for this should contact Dane right away
at (edit: see the phone number on the above url)


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