[openbeos] Re: Tool tips (was Re: Quick questions on Filetypes and Tracker)

  • From: "Cyan" <cyanh256@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2008 19:08:01 +0100 BST

Evan Anderson wrote:

> Also, many applications don't actually have a status bar at the
> bottom of the screen.  Unless there's a lot of background messages
> that need to be displayed to the user, there's not a lot of reason
> to have one rather than saving a text-line worth of space on your
> window.

Fair enough; the status bar option isn't a complete fix, just
something to perhaps consider when one is available.
All apps without horizontal scrollbars, unless they have fixed-size
windows, should have status bars though. The reason is because
without a status bar, there won't be room for the corner-box to
resize the window ("edge resize" is unacceptable).

Humdinger wrote:

> How about having a "Help/Tip" key. Hold down e.g. the WINDOWS(tm)
> key and tool-tips pop up when the mouse is over a widget. Hold it
> and click on it, and a more elaborate help text or the relevant
> documentation shows up. The cursor could grow a question mark.

Ah, now we're talking! I'm not certain if the Windows key is the
best one to use (as people don't even have one), but some kind of
shortcut -- either mouse (middle-button?) or keyboard -- would be
*much* better than having an automatic pop-up.
The best part would be the ability to invoke help on any interface
element, even those where automatic tool-tips would be completely
impractical (text boxes, etc.).

I believe Microsoft had something remotely similar with the
"What is this?" question-mark icon in the corner of each window,
but I've not seen that used much lately; I wonder why?

Either way, I'm all for any solution which involves some kind of
manual invocation, as it allows the user to move the mouse freely
around the screen without anything suddenly happening, yet allows
delay-free access to relatively verbose information where required..

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