[openbeos] Re: Think useful, not cool

  • From: "Peter Willis" <p.willis@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2001 13:50:49 -0700

>real conundrum to me is that it's the apps that make an OS truly
>"useful" to people

It all comes down to the basic needs of the human animal.

Food, water, shelter from the elements, A sense of community.
Most computer use falls into the 'community' category of human

Most human communication needs can be categorized:

    a.) communication listed by hardware connection
            i.) Text
                1.)  writing
                2.) reading
                    -video card
                3.) fax
                4.) paging

                1.) telecom
                    -network card

            iii.) Visual
                    1.) Art
                        -pen (stylus)

    b.) communication by group relationship interaction

            i.) internal interaction (family)
                1.) Human physical needs gathering services
                        -Food infrastructure
                        -Water infrastructure
                        -Shelter infrastructure
                        -Health infrastructure
                2.) Human psychological needs services
                        -Education infrastructure
                        -Communication infrastructure
                        -Health infrastructure

            ii.) external interaction (everyone else)
                1.) currency sources
                2.)currency sinks
                        -bills and costs
                3.) information resources and storage
                4.) communication resources

The most useful applications fall into places where some or
many of these categories cross over each other.
Some of the categories are so general that they have, as yet,
not been matched with a computer program.


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