[openbeos] There's only one OBOS and mphipps is our leader

  • From: "Jonas Sundstrom" <kirilla@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2002 13:39:32 CEST (+0200)

Statement of belief:

** Clone vs Next Gen BeOS
I think it's great that OBOS is re-implementing BeOS R5 
as it's first step. It will give us a better understanding of 
what needs to be improved in OBOS 2.0.

** "Geeks" vs Business
I refuse to label myself a "geek", but I'm very happy about
OBOS being an engineering effort, first and foremost.
To me it's not about "taking over the world", at least not 
at this point. It's about securing our own future. 
(personal computing as well as a solid platform for
vertical(?) solutions such as TuneTracker)

Request for change:

** Organization
I've got an issue here that could easily be remedied.
A few of the team-leaders are unknown to me. 
I can't connect their names to apps on BeBits, discussion 
on the original Be mailinglists, or nicks on BeShare.
I'm sure they are skilled people, but it would be nice
to get a better idea of who they are.

Personal homepage links would be nice.

Most of them have their SourceForge skills profiles
set to private (the default, AFAIK), and as far as 
I could tell no one had used the diary feature.

** Newsletter
Can someone please make the newsletter be an actual 
email newsletter? Like the original Be newsletter.
For some reason I don't read it unless it's in my mailbox.

/Jonas Sundstrom. ~ www.kirilla.com ~ 

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