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  • Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2002 01:30:54 +0200

Err... ok... OT, but I just had to point this out.
I know you haven't decided for a name yet (i hope) but WalterOS is baaad.
As stated WalterOS kan be shortened to WOS.
My first thought when I saw WOS was 'Wuss', and that's no good publicity.

I hope this kind of things has been considered while choosing the ten

Sam Persson
NoseGrab Studios

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> WalterOS can be shortened to WOS, and will probably be called The WAS OS.
> Opposite to Be OS.  WAS.  Be.  Was.  Be.  My head will explode :-)
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> > http://www.waltertheoperatingsystem.org
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> > -Bruno
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