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  • From: "Nathan Whitehorn" <nathan.whitehorn@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 21 Sep 2002 20:54:56 EDT (-0400)

> > There's *lots* of cruft in R5. But building R1 on R5, for that very
> > reason, ensures that R1 will hardly be cruft-free. Further, you can
> How so?

If the cruft is in the API (as it often is) or in anything necessary to 
maintain binary compatibility, it will necessarily continue to be a 
part of R1. Further, most of the cruft that is in R5 (as far as I can 
tell) is still there only for compatibility reasons. If we duplicate 
compatibility, we therefore duplicate cruft.

> > extend it without having source. Look at the MDR, for instance. We 
> > had
> > no source to anything at all. Yet we managed to extend the system, 
> > and
> > replace part of it with something that is (IMHO) much better. You 
> > don't
> > need to clone everything to make changes. That's the beauty of Be's
> > modular architecture.
> I'll be looking forward to seeing these.

The net stack works that way. As does the MDR. And (AFAIK) the print 

> > > >start building the cool things now? Sure, it would be nice to 
> > > > have
> > > > it
> > > >all open source. But we can, at the same time as we replace 
> > > > those
> I just saw apache 2 for beos, so people are doing this all ready

Not, of course, that Apache is part of the OS or anything...

> > > *IF* there were some design out there that was legal to look at 
> > > that
> > > was R6, I would
> > > seriously consider it. If I could go into an alternate future and
> Better to have a few lines of working code than millions of lines of
> "ideas" from people who don't code.

Better to have tens of thousands of lines of working code that don't do 
anything that you couldn't have done anyway?

> > > come back with the BeBook
> > > from BeOS 2015, we would implement that. But, truth is, design is
> > > hard. And designing
> > > a complete OS is very hard. And doing that as volunteers who have
> And getting consensus is the hardest thing which was why R5 was a 
> good
> starting point.

So you have a consensus to do something essentlially pointless...

> > I never suggested spending years debating design. I just suggested 
> > an
> I agree. Debate is worthless. Working code is priceless.

*If* the working code does something useful. If it does something that 
you can do anyway, in the same manner, of what possible utility is it?

> > evolutionary approach to upgrading the system, which is made quite
> > possible by Be's architecture. This doesn't make blindly cloning R5 
> > any
> > less senseless.
> Then don't do it. Write some extensions in your own time and submit 
> them
> to cvs. They are undoubtedly welcome.

Like the MDR? Hmmm....

> But don't bash the workign developers. Also, don't bash the working
> developers. Their work is not senseless. And the obfs is better than 
> bfs
> in some ways. And the obfs code is a million times better than 
> people's
> ideas who don't code. B/c I can't run their ideas on my computer no 
> matter
> how cool they are. In most cases, they are copied from other OSes, 
> which
> is great, but it would be a billion times better if they had 
> implemented
> them.

So you would rather, in the long run, have the same software you are 
running now running on your computer than new software that is better? 
You *can* run ideas, once they have been coded. Or you can skip the 
ideas, and just code mindlessly.

> Look, I'm not better than anyone else as I have contributed zero, 
> however,
> I know where to get off, and that's the developer's backs.
> If you don't know what you are doing then praise the developers. If 
> you
> think that they suck then send them patches or detailed bug reports.
> I mean, I'm as much of a troll as anyone else, but unlike other 
> trolls, I
> don't make it like it's hard work or your doing anyone a favor by 
> bashing
> people.

Just to make things clear, I *am* a developer. What I'm arguing against 
is the lack of foresight of the OpenBeOS project.

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