[openbeos] Re: The world as we know it

  • From: "Michael Phipps" <mphipps1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 21 Sep 2002 18:47:22 -0400

>What is also the case, though, is that we already *have* R5. It exists. 
>I'm running it. If R5 is equivalent to R1, then we have R1. So why not 

There is have, and there is have. :-)
We have no source, no possible way to extend, to hope for the future R5. Yup.
Also, believe it or not, I believe that there is cruft in R5. From Dr8,9 
PR,DR3,DR4, etc.
We will come through cruft free with something that we understand and have the 
to. Is that not enough?

>start building the cool things now? Sure, it would be nice to have it 
>all open source. But we can, at the same time as we replace those 
>components, make them better. There is no reason to simply go blindly 

In a few cases we are. Where it is fall down, dead obvious. 
mmap is a good example. So is networking in the kernel. How about integrated
FS/VM cache? All good stuff. But where we are drawing the line is in creating 
new APIs and changing the ones that exist. 

*IF* there were some design out there that was legal to look at that was R6, I 
seriously consider it. If I could go into an alternate future and come back 
with the BeBook
from BeOS 2015, we would implement that. But, truth is, design is hard. And 
a complete OS is very hard. And doing that as volunteers who have never built 
an OS
before? Well, I wouldn't say that it is impossible, but I think that it is very 
hard. I don't know
of any really successful attempts at that. Cloning R5's API is the best way 
that I know to
get going. I like the example of AROS - they spent years debating design before 
they said
forget this and built AmigaOS 3 (recreating the last release). Once they did 
that, they knew
how to procede from there.

>cloning things if you are not planning on improving them in the 

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