[haiku] Re: The Haiku Network (was: Re: GSoC Web Services Kit OS integration)

  • From: "François Revol" <revol@xxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 28 Mar 2009 17:09:01 +0100 CET

> >> I agree, that is also one of the first things that
> >> comes to my mind:  Synchronise addresses and maybe
> >> other information like calendaring, some kind of notes,
> >> ... (plugin architecture might make sense here) to
> >> services like Facebook, Xing, LinkedIn, Google Calendar
> >> and maybe even my mobile phone...
> >
> > I would like to see a cross-platform peer to peer
> > network services framework that cuts these huge
> > websites out of the loop completely, providing similar
> > services in a completely peer to peer fashion.
> >
> > IMO Haiku has a unique opportunity to create a
> > community service network, which could become a
> > killer application. (A killer service?) Something
> > that makes people flock to Haiku and stay with us.
> >
> That sounds like a very interesting idea. It sounds like the "cloud  
> computing" buzzword thing but with cutting out providers like Google  
> where you don't know what your data will be used for.

While it does sound interesting yes, keep in mind that all the data 
generated by those sites are mostly financed by ads.
I'm not sure a community-only network would provide accurate/up to date 
On one hand it might suppress businessship induced bias (promoting 
wrong info), but it also would let in wrong info anyway.

> > The core of this should be kept as simple as possible,
> > simply allowing peers to find and trust each other.
> I think the ZeroConf/Bonjour technology might be a good, open 
> solution  
> for that one.
> The framework from Apple which is available for at least OS X and  
> Windows and which is already available as open source software  
> (mDNSResponder) does exactly that. It runs within the LAN to  
> automatically find all systems that offer a certain service 
> (printing,  
> iTunes music sharing, iChat peer-to-peer chat services without a  
> server one needs to register on, ...) and since not so long also over  
> the Internet (even though I do not exactly know what is required for  
> that). More can be found here: http://developer.apple.com/networking/bonjour/
> > 

ZeroConf support was proposed 2 years ago IIRC.
I recall putting that on my slides :p

A related thing, along with the current work on userlandfs, that I 
envisionned was a plugin-based virtual fs server publishing stuff in a 
NetNeighbourhood/WorldONetworking-like "surroundings" volume, including 
SANE-detected scanners (opening them would use the Sanity Translator), 
webcams, ...

This could be extended to include a cleaned up version of my 

> > I don´t know how to approach firewalled clients.
> > A firewalled client will eventually try to connect
> > outwards. Common friends might help alert the
> > firewalled party. Two firewalled peers might need even
> > more help. I don´t know how to approach a server-less
> > scenario with two firewalled peers without any connected
> > common friends.
> Here the BEEP protocol might help which is used by SubEthaEdit (a  
> collaborative editor for OS X). Again libraries are already available  
> for that, maybe it might sense to include that as an C++ API in 
> Haiku?
> More at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BEEP

Something I thought about once, was a way to add a plugin-based context 
menu to BTextControl & friends (actually maybe the InputMethod 
mechanism would help there, thinking about it).

So any app with a text field would have those in their popup menu.

Instead of hardcoding "Lookup (Dictionary)", "Lookup (Google)", "Lookup 
(Acronym Finder)" in Vision, it would just ask BTextView/BTextControl 
for the default PopupMenu and add its own items.
Copy/Cut/Paste items would also be useful everywhere btw.

> > I wouldn´t be surprised to learn that something like
> > this has existed for years already.

Just search here:


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