[haiku] Re: TEMP directory

  • From: Michel Clasquin-Johnson <clasqm@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 11 Oct 2009 10:46:39 +0200

On 10 Oct 2009, at 11:56 PM, François Revol wrote:

Does Haiku have a dedicated temporary directory that automatically
gets cleaned up at shutdown? You know, like C:\WINDOWS\TEMP or /var/

/var/tmp ;-)

or just /tmp ...

Now that will teach me not to be lazy and search for things in Terminal, not just in Tracker. Dammit, I miss Midnight Commander!

though actually I'm not sure it's cleaned up at boot yet, as it used to
be on BeOS.

Doesn't look like it - mine was full of crud.

For what I'm working on, I need to see what is happening in there, so I symlinked it to ~/config. Now I can open it in Tracker.

On 11 Oct 2009, at 1:19 AM, Ryan Leavengood wrote:

It might be worth logging a bug or enhancement for that. I've also had
thoughts of having a simple schedule server (a la cron, but not so
obscure) which could be set up to empty the Trash every month or

I tried cleaning it up with a UserShutdownFinishScript, but it looks like that script is one BeOS convention that didn't make it into Haiku

On 11 Oct 2009, at 12:01 AM, scott mc wrote:

on the command line to see the list of directories, running "finddir
B_COMMON_TEMP_DIRECTORY" returns what you are looking for.

Yes, I see. Insurance against some crazy distro maker putting it somewhere else. Thanks for the tip. I'll have to look into finddir.

Many thanks, everybody

Michel Clasquin-Johnson
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