[openbeos] Re: Source Control

  • From: "Michael Phipps" <mphipps1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 01 Nov 2001 21:10:29 -0500

>>We have some source!
>A quick update:
>I've checked in a Rect and a Point implementation. There are just the 
>two header files Rect.h and Point.h because they're templatized - the 
>template parameter is the type used to store the class data, i.e.
>typedef Point<float> BPoint;
>typedef Rect<float> BRect;
>should give you something that works the same as your usual BPoint and 
>BRect. There are simple corresponding "test" harnesses (the quotes are 
>there because they're basically just a sketch of what a real test suite 
>should look like, but I think code inspections are more useful anyways=85 
>:) in the test directory under /game_kit.

But test harnesses can be run in an automated fashion. :-)
My personal preference is to pair program both the test and the implementation.
But since almost none of us are near each other, that is kind of tough. :-)

>typedef Point<int32> XPoint;
>typedef Rect<int32> XRect;
>are (or will be) used by game kit surfaces. Haven't ironed out the 
>naming convention to use yet - they should prolly be B[something], but 
>the obvious names are taken, and since they're part of what I've taken 
>to calling the "extended" game kit=85 a region implementation is almost 
>done, and should be checked in soon - it's also needed for surfaces 
>(dirty rectangles, surface region locks, etc.). Sorry if this infringes 
>on interface kit territory, but I kinda needed these classes=85
>Oh yeah, game kit headers, somewhat edited (cropped) and re-written, 
>are checked in as well. Writing source for the actual game kit is 
>waiting, for the moment, until we have more of an idea of what the 
>kernel/driver architecture will look like. I could use input on these 
>issues if anyone can provide some info pertaining to implementing 

Yeah - you are probably the one person most held up by the lack of good 
info. That is kernel teams next task.

>Second last thing: I will shortly be checking in a small tool (a BeIDE 
>add-on) that inserts the standard application/class/method headers I've 
>been using. If the official license/header/docs guru wants to edit the 
>text in Headers.h, that would be good. We could perhaps later alter the 
>header text to support doxygen tags (or whatever), or perhaps pop up a 
>window that collects data and auto-generates headers, or=85 a port for 
>the Eddie users might be cool too. Anyone using something besides BeIDE 
>or Eddie? 

I use Vim and nothing else. :-)

>Last thing: has anyone asked, or considered asking, or want to see 
>about using the Annotated BeBook as the initial starting point for the 

I like the idea. There is a documentation team started, but I haven't heard much
lately. With all of the new people, I haven't been talking to established 
as much as I would like. :-/

>P.S. Bienvenue to Dan M. and David S., latest victi=85 ah, ahem - 
>volunteers - to join GameKit efforts. :)

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