[openbeos] Re: Source Control

  • From: "Robert Medeiros" <robert.medeiros@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 01 Nov 2001 02:52:43 EST

>We have some source!

A quick update:

I've checked in a Rect and a Point implementation. There are just the 
two header files Rect.h and Point.h because they're templatized - the 
template parameter is the type used to store the class data, i.e.

typedef Point<float> BPoint;
typedef Rect<float> BRect;

should give you something that works the same as your usual BPoint and 
BRect. There are simple corresponding "test" harnesses (the quotes are 
there because they're basically just a sketch of what a real test suite 
should look like, but I think code inspections are more useful anyways=85 
:) in the test directory under /game_kit.


typedef Point<int32> XPoint;
typedef Rect<int32> XRect;

are (or will be) used by game kit surfaces. Haven't ironed out the 
naming convention to use yet - they should prolly be B[something], but 
the obvious names are taken, and since they're part of what I've taken 
to calling the "extended" game kit=85 a region implementation is almost 
done, and should be checked in soon - it's also needed for surfaces 
(dirty rectangles, surface region locks, etc.). Sorry if this infringes 
on interface kit territory, but I kinda needed these classes=85

Oh yeah, game kit headers, somewhat edited (cropped) and re-written, 
are checked in as well. Writing source for the actual game kit is 
waiting, for the moment, until we have more of an idea of what the 
kernel/driver architecture will look like. I could use input on these 
issues if anyone can provide some info pertaining to implementing 

Second last thing: I will shortly be checking in a small tool (a BeIDE 
add-on) that inserts the standard application/class/method headers I've 
been using. If the official license/header/docs guru wants to edit the 
text in Headers.h, that would be good. We could perhaps later alter the 
header text to support doxygen tags (or whatever), or perhaps pop up a 
window that collects data and auto-generates headers, or=85 a port for 
the Eddie users might be cool too. Anyone using something besides BeIDE 
or Eddie? 

Last thing: has anyone asked, or considered asking, or want to see 
about using the Annotated BeBook as the initial starting point for the 

P.S. Bienvenue to Dan M. and David S., latest victi=85 ah, ahem - 
volunteers - to join GameKit efforts. :)

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