[openbeos] Small issue with recurring donation mechanism

  • From: Czeslaw Czapla <haiku@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 13 May 2007 18:19:09 -0700

Hooray for the PayPal subscription buttons on the Haiku Donate page! I'm glad to see that recurring donations are now possible (in automated fashion). Now, everyone: Sign up and shell out! :-)

There is a small issue regarding related functionality on Haiku's website. When a person completes the process of setting up a new subscription on PayPal's site, the final page there offers a link to permit one to exit PayPal and return to Haiku's website. Clicking this link takes the user back to a page on Haiku's site that says: "Thank you for purchasing a T-shirt!". Perhaps a new page ("Thank you for making a recurring donation to Haiku!") could be created on the Haiku website, and the subscription service information at PayPal updated to point to that new donation acknowledgement page instead of the t-shirt purchase acknowledgement page.

PayPal sends the new subscriber an automated email acknowledging successful registration of the subscription and successful processing of the first recurring payment. It isn't a "thank you" message per se, but it is a helpful confirmation. The language is matter-of-fact. (See excerpt below.)


(begin PayPal)

Dear So-and-so,

You have successfully signed up for a subscription to Supporting Haiku using PayPal.

Your first subscription payment, for $xx.xx USD, has already been sent to Haiku, Inc.

---------------------------------------------------------------- Subscription Details ----------------------------------------------------------------

Date of sign up: May 11, 2007 Subscription Name: Supporting Haiku Subscription Number: S-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Subscription Terms: $xx.xx USD for each month

Your subscription will automatically renew at the rates stated above unless you cancel prior to the end of the billing period.

If you have any questions or concerns about this subscription, please contact Haiku, Inc.

Etc., etc.

Sincerely,  PayPal

(end PayPal)


PayPal offers "Notification Preferences" to a new subscriber. The subscriber may opt for "silent" processing of future recurring payments, or may choose to receive an email notification from PayPal on each occasion on which a payment is processed.

Cancellation of a subscription seems simple. The subscriber would simply need to visit the PayPal site and make the change under "My Account". Complete cancellation instructions appear in the initial email sent from PayPal to the new subscriber upon registration of the subscription.

Thank you, Michael, for adding the subscription buttons so quickly. :-)



Simon Porter wrote:
Hi Waldemar,

I see that the donations page has been updated. Pleased to see that.

I have had a look at having a thank you email for donations. This should be 
possible with Paypal using IPN. It would require some time to set up.

As for Network for Good they don't seem to offer the option unless you pay them 
$30 a month. Their website doesn't make clear if they are referring to a HTML 
thank you page or a customised email. Seems a bit expensive just to be able to 
send a thank you email.

I can just concentrate on paypal integration for now.

As for capturing financial information  it might be simpler to parse downloaded 
csv files from Paypal and Network for Good, and then store it in a SQL 
database. Any reports could then be generated quickly from that information.

I agree with what has talked about with regards to the cafepress store. I think 
it would be going down a bad route having to handle stocking merch and handling 
shipping by just one person. Even if it is at the expense of more donations I 
would of thought Michael's time be better spent on other aspects of the project.



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