[openbeos] Re: Site for non-devs?

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  • Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 03:57:42 +0100

Totally agree! :)

Being one of those with no coding skills but willing to help, I've 
yet to find a task where I can be of assistance (they told me the CDT 
was full, so my "real world" skills will have to go "numb" for a 
while :) )


Citando Sam Persson <astromek@xxxxxxxxx>:

> One of the recent mails from Michael Phipps got me looking through 
> newsarchive and the FAQ about stuff for us non-coders could tag 
> and help with.
> In the FAQ there's some points regarding that kind of activities.
> I did however never find a list with stuff to help with and there's
> propably a good reason for it.
> What I'm really wondering here is:
> 1. IS there a list somewhere, easy accessible (people are lazy,
> remember?), with tasks that regular non-devs could take on?
> 2. If not, would it be of interest for the devs to have a central 
> they could post tasks to?
>     (I'm talking about stuff like: "I would need someone to write 
> document." "I need someone to check this and that." et.c.)
> Anyway... the biggest problem I see is that it isn't really easy to 
> tasks if you aren't allready involved.
> Sure, we (non-coders) can allways pop a mail to someone and ask, but
> what to we ask for?
> I'm pretty sure there's people who have the ability to help that 
> know how, like me, and don't kwow where to go to find info about it,
> like me. Maybe just a collection of links would suffice, but there
> should be more easily accessible directions somewhere.
> Just a thought.
> // Sam P.

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