[openbeos] Re: Singleuser vs Multiuser

  • From: Mark Hellegers <M.H.Hellegers@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 20:21:04 +0100

>>There are actually quite a few things BeOS brings to the table that the
>>server OS's don't provide. Like the attribute support and the easy to
>>understand system. I'm using BeOS as a server and it works fine, as long
>>as the net_server doesn't crash.
>There are certainly advantages to BeOS, whether as a server or as a
>client. I think, though, that you lose most of the strengths of BeOS as a
>server, though (GUI, sound, etc).

Even if BeOS gets me some small advantage in the server stuff, I don't
care about losing most of the other strengths of BeOS.

>But recognize that it is a *TON* of work to be a secure server. Being
>perfectly secure is not a bad goal. Neither is being a great game
>machine. Neither is having the slickest UI. Neither is having the fastest
>file access.
>The question is more of priority and preference. The way *I* see it (and
>this is my personal preference), there are no usable desktop OS's anymore
>(other than R5). That should be our highest priority. Security is a good
>thing. So is, say, OpenGL. So is better UI code. So is more drivers, etc.
>With limited resources, we have to decide (post-R1) what our priorities
>are and where we want to spend time.

Oh, I'm not disputing that. I was disputing your statement that mulit-user
is of no use to BeOS. Ok, you might not have said it that strongly, but it
was in that general direction.

>>Also, real multi-user is more than just a server gimmick.
>>It means that if someone hacks into your machine through whichever port
>>open, they won't immediately have access to your entire computer.
>Don't leave your ports open. :-) If you are not a server, close all of
>your ports. One of the things that is so cool about BeOS is that all of
>the ports are closed be default.

Don't be so naive. You can't ignore the internet. If you're on the
internet, people can hack your machine and if they become root in doing
so, you're toast.


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