[openbeos] Re: Showimage

  • From: "Joachim Seemer" <j.seemer@xxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 22 Nov 2003 19:48:59 +0100 CET

Andrew wrote:

> Wow I'm gonna freak.  Actually, ShowImage IS just for displaying one
> image file.  Suggesting that one use Net+, an html viewer, and an
> application over 10x as large as ShowImage, is unbelivable.  Cutting
> areas out of image is IMHO a demonstration of drag and drop
> capability, and certainly not ShowImage's purpose.

First you should calm down. No need to freak.
Even more so as I'm not an OBOS developer so I have zero say anyway. :)
But as an end-user I have to suggest you take every day usage of OBOS 
as a desktop OS into account. Opening an image with Net+ takes just as 
long as with ShowImage: under a second. So from the end-user POV, why 
should there be a ShowImage if it doesn't offer features over Net+?
Every desktop user has a need though to view his image collection.
So either OBOS should provide an app that serves this need well (as 
does OBOS' ShowImage now) or it leaves it out completely. Why develop 
an app that most end-user will replace with a 3rd party viewer anyway? 
Demonstrating drag&drop isn't needed by end-users.

> Suddenly perhaps people understand why I get concerned about this?
> You're missing a recursive decent in the current version, as at least 
> one
> more "feature" that should be there.  And why stop at bilinear 
> filtering?
> We could even have a whole plugin architecture right?  And maybe a
> tools palette, right?  Next thing you know, it's photoshop!

Now you're exaggerating a tiny bit...
But, as a totally plug-in based application environment has been 
discussed at length on Glasselevator a while back, your suggestions of 
a plug-in architectur is a logical step.

> An important thing to remember is that the built-in software is not 
> meant
> to pre-empty third party developers.  Rather, it is to encourage and 
> enable
> third party developers.  Note: this is quite the opposite of 
> microsoft
> strategy... which would be a good thing, I think. :-)

As you said, it's all a matter where to draw the line. I can see that 
improving R5 apps while re-implementing them is problematic. But in 
this case, an image viewer is IMO a basic enough app that it dosen't 
push too many 3rd parties out of the market. Plus, ShowImage is still a 
very tight little app and also almost completed.
I really only wanted to give you all an end-user perspective. I hope it 
didn't overly upset anyone.


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