[haiku] Re: SMPlayer on Haiku: DVD playing and media streaming

  • From: Pete Goodeve <pete.goodeve@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2013 19:26:07 -0700

On Thu, Mar 28, 2013 at 02:04:51AM +0000, Giovanni Mugnai wrote:
> 2013/3/28 Giovanni Mugnai <musical777@xxxxxxxxx>:
> > 2013/3/28 Pete Goodeve <pete.goodeve@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> >
> >> So something is lacking in the way (S)MPlayer is handling
> >> the data.  (It was not playing YouTube very well, either.
> >> Though VLC doesn't do that at all, I guess.)
> >
> > Try to play the vob using mplayer (the engine of SMPlayer). In a teminal:
> >
> > mplayer /path/to/vob
I can't get any joy out of mplayer at all!  If I try your above suggestion,
it prints out a lot of info (which I'm afraid I didn't bother to grab), and then
stops.  I haven't found the magic words to get it to play the DVD itself:
if I enter "mplayer <dragged DVD icon>" it KDLs! (page fault)  I tried
prepending "dvd://" to various device paths and things, but it never found
> Also try, in SMPlayer preferences > performance > cache > cahce for
> DVDs to set cache to 0 and then to quit and restart SMPlayer.
Hah!!  It turns out that the *default* is 0 kB.  If I set it to the same 2048
value as the other caches, the DVD plays smoothly!  (It does warn me
that seeking or something might not work, but I haven't seen that.)

One other major annoyance is that the moment the DVD window opens,
the SMPlayer panel expands to include it, but instead covers it up with
a frozen screengrab!  And when I try to move things around to see the
movie, it leaves other frozen pieces around the screen...
> Can you also try SMPlayer on Linux? :-)

Maybe sometime, but I think I have to turn my attention elsewhere
for a while.

        -- Pete --

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