[openbeos] Re: Roadmap

  • From: Niels Reedijk <niels.reedijk@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2005 21:03:12 +0200

On 7/29/05, Mat Hounsell <mat_geek@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Links, Links, Link !!!!!
> Where is the link to CIA on the website?
> I suppose I could collect data from the CIA and developer feedback and make a
> development newsletter like syllables.
> http://msa.section.me.uk/sdn/#3

The Syllable newsletters (probably by a concept that is very much like
the kerneltraffic) requires a rather active editor. It also, by its
nature, requires its editors to do quite a lot of work. I'm sure they
have a lot automated, but as soon as an editor takes a break, or is on
vacation, or the project grows beyond his/her reach, it fails. I tried
to keep a CVS update a while ago (for the newsletters), but I can tell
you: even checking through a few CVS commits, gathering all the data,
proofreading etcetera: it's a day job.

A better thing, would be as suggested before: a weblog. Probably with
a few editors that are able to post, it would mean that things can be
reported on the spot (and it won't take a gathering of information,
plus editing it to publish). It also means, that by the very fluent
nature of weblogs, you could just post links to svn commits (CIA or
the mailing list), or to mailing list posts (the archives). This wil
achieve a much better sense of the dynamics of the project (as the
reports aren't on fixed times, but rather as it happens - in the
flow), readers won't have to work through a whole story to find items
that they are interested in (if I read a weekly report on SVN commits
and I'm only interested in USB, I'd have to skim through the whole
document). Plus, Haikuwatching is fun.

For the lovers of comprehensive reports, it would be possible to have
weekly (or bi-weekly0 stats with a summary of events, while refering
to the individual blog items.


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