[openbeos] Re: Reminder (was: Re: Re: Linux v. OBOS)

  • From: Michael Phipps <mphipps1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 22:12:38 -0500

On 2003-11-12 at 16:14:39 [-0500], François Revol wrote:
> Hey, everyone cool down !

Definately! :-)
> May I remind you that this list, just like the other ones,
> is a *development* mailing list, not a
> political/philosophical/troll/os-war newsgroup.

And may I add that (nearly) every mailing list has a topic. Off Topic means, 
well, just that - that the people who have congragated on a list are all 
together to discuss a particular thing. In our case, that is the ***CURRENT*** 
development of OBOS. We made a specific list for future reaching topics. 

The point of this is not to curtail anyone's freedom. The point of this is for 
focus. This list is for people interested in and focused on the current 
release. If that doesn't interest you, this is probably not where you want to 
be. GE might be the right place for you. I am on that list, as are Ingo, Axel 
and others. GE is intended to be an archive. Some motivated person (HINT) could 
go through there and cull all of the good ideas into a nice list for the devs 
to save them time and effort post R1.

> That doesn't mean discussion is forbidden, just it's off topic.
> So at least, in that case, the Netiquette asks off topic mails
> at least to be marked as such, like adding [OT] in the subject,
> and as much as possible, taken off list.

I don't want to beat people up for posting something off topic on this list. 
And I appreciate the people who are helping with the moderation! 
> I too have an opinion on all the OSes that has been listed in the
> past weeks, but i don't discuss that on the mailing list. There are
> plenty of other places for that, newsgroups, IRC, BeShare...
> Here it's a development ml, so please stay on topic, and help us keep
> the S/N ratio to a normal value.

This list has always been very high S/N. We work hard to keep it that way. 
Realize, please, everyone, that the higher we keep that, the more the people 
who are doing the work will stay here. Be employees left bedevtalk because the 
S/N ratio got to be so bad. That is *NOT* what we want to have happen here. 

Now. Having said all of that, dealing a little with the actual content of what 
was said:

Understand and realize that you face a massive, uphill battle trying to get 
changes into R1. The dev team needs no new work, ATM, and they and I will 
resist new features pretty strongly. I am sorry if this causes discomfort to 
anyone. Every OSS project has a design cut off for each version. Linux is no 
different, neither is BSD. Nor are we. That is the nature of software 
development - you can't change the specs at will and keep the project on track 
for a release.

As far as our focus - BeOS was intended to be a desktop system. Through the 
various incarnations of the Be Marketing Machine, that desktop system had 
different emphasis points (media, etc). But it was always a desktop. Does the 
world need another server? I (we?) don't think so. Linux, 3 flavors of BSD, OS 
X Server, Windows 2003 Server and probably others fill that niche. What the 
world really doesn't have, IMHO, is a desktop done the Right Way. Part of that 
is Media related. I consider Media to be the primary subset of Desktop that I 
think will be interested. And, to be honest, Media is a huge part of *ANYONE'S* 
desktop experience these days. 

There are 100 different areas that need to be changes and updated for R2. We 
are *well* aware of that. GE has had thousands of messages along those lines. 
And we have our own frustrations with things and plans, too. Post R1, we (the 
dev team and I) will get together and put together a feature list/roadmap/plan. 
It will be published when we have it altogether. Input from GE, from our 
experience and any other good inspiration will go into that plan.

If you want more say in the project, help more. I don't know how to be clearer 
than that. The people who influence the decisions the most are the ones with 
the most work product. I read their emails first. I weigh their decisions more. 
Why? Because they have blood, sweat and tears invested. That may seem wrong or 
unfair to some. I am sorry if you feel that way - the point is not to punish, 
but to reward.

Please, any followup send directly to me. 

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