[openbeos] Re: RAD, Visual IDE, dev tools

  • From: Peter Moore <peter@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2001 21:31:26 +1100

>We use Rational ClearCase at work, it integrates itself into the file
>system. It stores the files, and you access them from a view of the version
>tree. The view is specified by file names and branch name and version. You
>can have special rules like LATEST for a branch and CHECKEDOUT for the files
>you have intend to modify.
>It might be worth considering the ideas and the possibility of a file system
>plug in.

i think that is an excellent idea. you'd probably want to support the more 
common varieties first (eg CVS) and the others later but it's worth doing 


>>  Version control systems *integration* would be great, yep, but, please,
>don't forget that a CVS/RCS/Perforce/whatever_version_control_system could
>be usefull also for web developers, documentation writers, etc.
>>  Plus, not all developers use BeIDE, as it's often far easer and openess
>to share a makefile. Many open source projects prefer makefiles, even
>BeOS-related one (see OpenTracker, Mail Daemon Replacement or BeZilla for
>most known ones). 

Yes that is correct - not everyone uses BeIDE. 
The P4Companion is also a Tracker Add-On so you can use the Tracker to do it 
or if you _do_ happen to use the BeIDE it is there for you as well.

Excellent suggestions guys!! 
It's going to be a great OS to use.
Peter Moore

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