[openbeos] Re: RAD, Visual IDE, dev tools

  • From: philippe.houdoin@xxxxxxx
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 12:47:25 +0100 (MET)

Hi people,

> Integration into BeIDE would be nice and those of you who use Perforce
> might be interested to know that there is P4Companion which is a 
> BeIDE and Tracker Add-On and allows you to check in/out etc etc from 
> the Add-Ons menu of BeIDE.
> URL is http://www.bebits.com/app/1626

Version control systems *integration* would be great, yep, but, please, don't 
forget that a CVS/RCS/Perforce/whatever_version_control_system could be usefull 
also for web developers, documentation writers, etc.

Plus, not all developers use BeIDE, as it's often far easer and openess to 
share a makefile. Many open source projects prefer makefiles, even BeOS-related 
one (see OpenTracker, Mail Daemon Replacement or BeZilla for most known ones). 

AFAIK, OpenBeOS (recommand/would/require?) use makefiles, nor BeIDE project 

With this in mind, I think that such tool should be designed modular from 
scratch. These modules will then be called by a generic, stand-alone, graphical 
frontend from it's main browsing window, allowing non-BeIDE users to use 
versioning, but these same modules could also be called from a BeIDE add-on or 
Tracker add-on...

On Tracker side, if addons could be contextual, the Tracker window itself could 
become the graphical frontend, with status, tag name, checkout date, etc, 
thanks to BFS attributes (sorry for FAT32 hosted source code...)...

For graphical frontends, http://www.cvsgui.org/ and the KDE Cervisia, at 
http://cervisia.sourceforge.net/ (i like their browser and log window) seems to 
be good starting points.

On a side note, we'll *also* need a great graphical merge tool!
Look at xxdiff (http://xxdiff.sourceforge.net/) for what I mean...
Any version control system frontend / addons would need it too, in fact...

Okay, enough of my thoughts now.

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