[openbeos] R5 Pro development tools vs. BeOS5-DevTools.zip

  • From: "shatty" <shatty@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "openbeos" <openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2002 23:03:19 PDT

Hello all,

I've been busy trying to make a custom install CD for my typical beos 
installation.  In the midst of this I gathered many files I thought I 
might want.  Just out of curiousity I thought I would compare the R5 
pro dev tools to the web-distributed dev tools.  I pretty much expected 
them to be the same.  They aren't.  Here are some differences from the 
headers for example:

/boot/develop/headers/be/be_apps/Tracker/Background.h :
        Open Tracker License added to header in web-distributed version

/boot/develop/headers/be/be_apps/Tracker/RecentItems.h :
        Open Tracker License added to header in web-distributed version
        renamed of protected variables from <varName> to <fVarName>

/boot/develop/headers/be/drivers/KernelExport.h :
        web-distributed version removes the following prototype:
                extern _IMPEXP_KERNEL int load_driver_symbols(const char *

/boot/develop/headers/be/interface/ChannelSlider.h :
        web-distributed version uses this value for the default value in 
the constructors:
                uint32 flags = B_WILL_DRAW | B_NAVIGABLE
        pro version uses this value:
                uint32 flags = B_WILL_DRAW

/boot/develop/headers/be/interface/ListItem.h :
        (this is in private)
        web-distributed version distributes stuffing like this:
                uint32 _reserved[2];
                float fWidth;
                float fHeight;
                uint32 fLevel;
        pro version adds stuffing like this:
                float fWidth;
                float fHeight;
                uint32 fLevel;
                uint32 _reserved[2];

        (this is in private)
        web-distributed version includes this prototype:
                void RecurseView(BView *v, BPoint origin, BPicture *p, BRect 

        web-distributed version adds these two types to the main enum:
                B_ATOM_TYPE = 'ATOM',
                B_ATOMREF_TYPE = 'ATMR',        

/boot/develop/header/be/net/socket.h :
        web-distributed version includes the following:
                #define SO_FIONREAD 5
                _IMPEXP_NET int getsockopt(int sd, int prot, int opt, void *
data, int *datasize);

The web-distributed version also includes a new header folder called 
experimental.  It includes 12 files, including:

        ResourceSet.h : Experimental class for managing localized 
        MultiLocker.h : Experimental multiple-reader single-writer locking 
        DividerControl.h : Experimental divider control. It allows moving 
the divider and provides a twisty for hiding a view.
        ColumnListView.h : Experimental multi-column list view.
        BitmapButton.h : Experimental class for a BButton control whose 
image is taken from a BBitmap
        ... other curious things....

The experimental items look like food for Glass Elevator probably.  
More food for Glass Elevator can also be found in two other new 
folders: reseditor and resparser, which also include a header for 
tooltips, among other things.  BTW, a devkit is included with QuickRes 
in the web version, along with two libraries: libreseditor.so and 
libresparser.so which presumably correspond to the headers.  The 
QuickRes in the web version also has a reorganized directory structure 
with a new editor add-on: AppFlags.editor.  This code seems pretty 
changed.  The Icon.editor in the web version seems significantly larger 
for example. (new functionality?)  This may be helpful for all beos 
developers to use this version?

There may be a difference in the bdb as well but I already updated my 
bdb past that with the bdb build 280 update. (you'll know if you have 
this version since it has an about box on the file menu, the old one 

There are also differences in the static libraries provided, however 
these don't appear to be significant.  (only a few bytes here and 
there, looks like some sort of timestamp, filesize unchanged)

Oh and you'll all be glad to hear that despite different file modified 
dates, both gnupro's are exactly the same.  And thankfully (or not) the 
Be Book is the same in both.  (excepting one blank line deleted in the 
index)  The pro version adds to this some bookmarks for the be book and 
an html file of be developer resources. (pretty out-of-date now..)


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