[openbeos] Re: Question about Jobs(Command Line) - "cat" program

  • From: "Michael Phipps" <mphipps1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 21:21:50 -0400

>> 1) Is it worth continuing or you guys intend to use the GNU one ?
>They won't be using the GNU version due to licensing conflicts, but
>the BSD licensed ones are probably OK to port (OpenBeOS uses the MIT
>license, see the FAQ on the web site for details).  Possibly it's
>better to port the easy to port ones, so that new bugs aren't added.
>But BeOS specific ones have to be done from scratch.

This is a *little* misleading, I am quite sure unintentionally, so let me set 
record straight. 

Yes, we use the MIT license. Anything that we *develop*, i.e. from scratch, is 
Additionally, no "core component" should have any GPL code. app_server is a core
component. cat is not. Basically, a core component is something that really 
BeOS. Servers, kits, etc. I would *prefer* to port BSD versions rather than GPL 
If there is some compelling reason to do otherwise, we can do it on a case by 
For example - gawk is a *sweet* implementation of awk/nawk. I would not think 
we should have a lesser awk just because of the license. However, for something 
like cat,
where there probably isn't too much difference, why not do the most free thing 

>> 2) What about versioning of the software ? How is it done ? 0.1 ? 0.01 ?
>I have no idea.  Maybe someone in the OpenBeOS project can reply.

We really don't have a standard for this. A lot of the reason is that we are 
trying to follow a release
schedule like Be did, where you have R1, R2, etc. That means that everything 
that is in a "stable"
branch should have an RX.0X type label. If you find some internal versioning 
useful, go for it. I 
am not really hung up on that. Personally, I use build date. For internal use, 
that is fine. 

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