[haiku] Re: Preinstalling Haiku on new computers.

  • From: Rybin Valeriy <walera@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "haiku@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <haiku@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 23:22:30 +0400

> End user, that is how would you handle support requests from people using 
> your hardware with Haiku ?
We want completely prepare this model for Haiku

> > device Multimedia controller (Audio device) [4|3|0]
> >   vendor 1039: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]
> >   device 7502: Azalia Audio Controller
> How is audio supported ?
This driver http://revolf.free.fr/beos/oss-beos-v4.2-081213.zip supported this 

> Ah...
> well, how do you do with Linux ? Do you have an agreement with a distro maker 
> like RedHat ?
Yes. We have agreement with ASPLinux. BTW end user get serial number for 
supporting from ASPLinux on our notebook.

> I storngly suggest you drop SiS.
I not like SiS also. I like Intel chipset and nVidia for graphics but it is 
very expensive.

> Does network/internet work?
No. I think it's main problem for this notebook.

> How's the video, does it start up in the right video mode?
Video work as VESA only and can't work in resolution 1280x800 (16:10). BTW 
video work fast enough.

> Anything not working?
Hot keys - Mute, VolumeUp, VolumeDown.

> what's the typical end user of these?  Are your customers mostly business or 
> home users, or schools?
Typical end user - home users, students.

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