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  • From: "Jorge G. Mare" <koki@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2010 20:54:53 -0800


scott mc wrote:
Now that the flyers have been nearly beaten to death, I'd like to open
discussion on another item that can be passed out at trade shows, that
being a Haiku sticker.
There is one sticker available from the Haiku cafepress store:
http://www.cafepress.com/haiku_os.295451383 but it's a bit pricey to
be handing out at trade shows.
To get the cost down would require buying from a bulk sticker maker,
where we can get hundreds for 10 to 15 cents each.  If you've ever
been to any of these shows you've probably seen that many booths have
such stickers, usually with the projects url or logo or both on them.
We would need a sticker design though, and I'm no artist so I'd like
to see what designs people could come up with here.  Die cutting is a
possibility so if you come up with say a leaf design, or some other
non rectangular shape that would be ok.  These would be a way to help
promote Haiku, so including the url might be helpful.
Let's see some designs.  Comments?  We would need to get this moving
quickly as there's some key shows coming up in just a few weeks and
stickers have a lead time.  If we need a vote to get the funding to
print these, a separate email thread will be posted in a few days,
first we need to get some possible designs to get quoted.
Here's a quick idea I tried out a few months ago:
Try to use a scalable format such as svg so that the size can be changed.

Here is some preliminary artwork for community review/discussion:


The top samples are based on the Haiku compatible badge design that Austin Bales did in the past. The bottom sample is a bit lame, but I was not very inspired to come with a nice tagline instead of or in addition to the website address. Suggestions welcome.

Scott: when would you need the artwork ready so that we can have the stickers in time for SCaLE? Also, I chose arbitrary sizes and shapes as I did not know the specs. If you let me know the exact shapes and sizes, I can adjust the artwork as needed.


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