[openbeos] Re: Please stop this nonsense.

  • From: "Michael Phipps" <mphipps1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 01:27:32 -0500

>Hello Michael,
>MP> As far as unelected selections, I am not sure why you would say
>MP> that. They were elected. By the admin team. Because I was not
>MP> about to put 3300 names up on the website for people to vote on.
>MP> That  is a waste of everyone's time. Stuart and I chose about 100
>MP> names (weeding out BAnything, fake entries, ridiculous names,
>MP> legally unusable names, etc). We put them up to the admin team.
>MP> These are the 15 that they/we chose.
>But the way this second choice was done was a bit unhappy IMHO.

No one will be happy no matter what we do with this. 

>I realize that there was a time for name suggestions, and then the
>suggestion list was closed and no new suggestions should be taken into
>consideration after that, OK. But then, in the "weeding out" process


>down from 100 to 15, it might have been sensible to put more
>consideration into the reasons *why* a particular name should be taken
>into the final list, what it actually *meant* (like "Nemo") and
>whether there might be legal problems with it (if any Be-related name
>is a problem with Palm, then "Indigo" is one with SGI [1]).

We did put some thought into it. A lot of thought. And, honestly, the 15 or 
so admin people had as different opinions as the general community. Names
are like belly buttons - everyone has one and no one likes anyone elses'.
It is sad, but true. One thing that people do need to realize is that we ruled
out anything 'B' themed. Hence the elimination of Plan B, OS/B, etc. on legal 
grounds. So for all of the folks who are suggesting that sort of thing, well,
I am sorry, but no. 

>After all, in marketing, this is what professional name designers are
>hired for: to make sure that there are no legal problems with a name,
>as well as to check out all the possible meanings of a name, even if
>they didn't know them themselves - just because *somebody else* could.

We intend to take the top few selections and do just this. But why put all 
of the effort into 3300 names? Or even 100 names?

>For example, in Germany, we've recently had the case of the VW
>"Phaeton" luxury car. This car got some bad publicity, because Phaeton
>actually is a name from Greek mythology, from a legend where the Sun
>god's chariot is being taken for a ride and utterly crashed in a ball
>of flame. This name was dragged up and down the press as an extremely
>bad choice that could have been easily avoided. As a result, there
>were lots of articles about how bad VW's brand design works - not the
>sort of publicity they wanted. People are aware of such things, or the
>whole "Nova" urban legend would never have developed. I don't think
>you would want OBOS being mentioned as the "Nobody OS" just because
>it's named "Nemo".

I can pick a dozen popular brands (in the US) that one could argue against
but have succeeded. Look at Whisk (a laundry detergent). Look at what a
whisk does - it mixes together. Not something you want done with your clothes.
Or UNIX (obvious). Or Cingular (a cellular company) - who wants a cell phone 
from a company whose name means "alone"? Truth be told, from the marketing
experts that I have spoken to, the name becomes associated with the product.
Most names are either meaningless words (Kodak, for example) or vaguely 
They become associated over time with exposure.

>And please don't say you or the admin team didn't know the languages
>or mythology or didn't have the time to check all this out by yourself
>for 100 names. After all, this is what communities are about - shared
>knowledge, shared work. I bet there's lots of people lurking here on
>this list who would have willingly helped out at least about the
>language bit. It would have been no problem to post a narrowed list of
>100 entries on the web site, along with a form for comments on each
>name, specifically asking for associations with the name (such as
>"dysis" with "dyslexia") or background info on the name (such as
>"nemo" meaning "nobody"), and then do the final choice on that basis.
>If new name suggestions would have come in, you could still have
>ignored them.

Actually, the admin team represents about 6 languages and a fair amount of
mythological knowledge. 

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