[openbeos] Re: PPC versions

  • From: François Revol <revol@xxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 08 Apr 2002 11:01:45 +0200 (MEST)

The problem is we always need to make compromises on what to do and not
to do, and the PPC question raises this issue IMHO:
if the purpose of PPC additions is solely to be able to compile and run OBOS
on PPC "for fun", I don't think it's needed before R1.
Although we should consider those having PPC as their primary (unique)
platform and that want to _contribute_ to OBOS in other areas that just the 
PPC port. It wouldn't be nice to exclude contributions because they come from 
people under PPC.


En réponse à jat313s <jat313s@xxxxxxxx>:

> With all due respect, I fail to see the problem with a PPC port.  I do
> understand that not to many people have PPC machines besides Apple Macs
> and 
> that a few want to run OBOS on their BeBoxen.  Has it ever occurred to
> you 
> that some of us might be eyeing the PPC motherboard that Eyetech is
> producing 
> for the new Amiga computer that is coming out.  Personally, I would find
> it 
> sad if we were able to purchase inexpensive PPC computers, but OBOS
> couldn't 
> run on it.  Especially since BeOS was ported to Intel based computers
> from PPC 
> machines.  Personally if I were to buy a PPC mobo I'd want to use it as
> a 
> dedicated BeOS/OBOS machine.
> http://www.eyetech.co.uk/amigaone/introduction.php
> >This is really out of line. Asking every developer to revisit or update
> their 
> code so some
> >number of people can build on 6 year old machines is trivial and OK?
> Come on.
> >I don't want to be a prick about this. I really don't. But this stuff
> angers 
> me and is really uncalled for.
> >If you want to take this up with me off list, please feel free. But
> this 
> thread needs to die.
> James Thurman
> Student of Business
> Southwest Missouri State University

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