[openbeos] Re: Openness

  • From: "Stephan Assmus" <superstippi@xxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 15 May 2007 21:10:44 +0200


in all honesty, I completely forgot about you in this instance. You totally 
misunderstood and thought I intention to hint at you.  This was not my 
intention at all.

I'm in an awkward situation. I made a heated reply, and I'm sorry that I have 
hurt your (and possibly) other peoples feelings. To be honest, I felt attacked 
and accused by all this discussion about "openess". I think we really are as 
open as it gets and there are so many unfair accusations in this thread, and 
twisting around of facts, it truely baffles me.

Yes, I have made a mistake with how I worded my email. "Same problem with 
anyone else who left" is a generalization, and these are always bad. I'm sorry 
I said it this way, because of course it is not true. There are other people 
who left for other reasons. Let me try to make it more clear what I meant, 
because I don't want to take back my accusation, I'm just sorry for the 
generalization I did. The (IMHO sick) argument was made that because people 
left the admin team before, there must be a problem with the admin team. This 
accusation hinted at specific reasons for why people left. What I really ment 
was that in many of those instances, when personal problems amongst individuals 
of the admin team (be it between two or more persons) caused someone to leave 
the admin team... it is my opinion that often these problems were caused 
because the individual leaving having a hard time taking critique or being 
incapable of finding a compromise with the others. I know you left for othe
 r reasons. Please take my apologies. I did not mean it the way you took it. I 
did not think of you at all. Really.

Best regards,

Stippi wrote:

> Yeah right, you "always had all the odds against" you. People agreed 
> with you, some didn't, others you convinced. At the time you left, I 
> thought so much about all this, but by now, I'm convinced it is simply 
> an ego issue. Like always when something like this happened. The true 
> problem is that you are incapable of compromise. Plus you cannot take 
> critique. Same problem with anyone else who left (just in case you 
> bring that one up again as "argument").

How the hell did you manage to bring me in this stupid discussion is 
beyond me, but I won't refrain from commenting on this. Although most of 
the people on this list do not know, *YOU* do know that I was the only 
one who left with Koki so your critic was directed to no one besides 
myself. I agree with you the problem was an ego issue, but really, I 
think it was not my ego that brought it to the point it reached.

Anyway, I won't really start it over again but I thank you for calling 
me egocentric, unreasonable and narrow-minded. That was really an 
eye-opener for me. At least now I know what to expect from you 
(although, up to this point, I never saw it coming).



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